Ikea Adds Cheap Webcam Weddings to Product Listings

Ikea is suggesting that having the bride and groom gather around a webcam is an ideal way to manage a wedding online, with a variety of backdrops letting couples get married in the location of their dreams -- but for pretend and really cheap and with Twitter open in another tab so the event is not too boring. Read More >>

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with… Vine

I don't even... This is just... I can't believe... okay. Breathe. Some guy used Vine and Twitter to propose to his girlfriend. As in he recorded a six second Vine video (selfie?) asking her to marry him, with a ring and everything. She didn't say no. Read More >>

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Watch This Wedding Photographer’s Hair Catch On Fire (Because Apparently It’s Fun)

Photographer Jacki Bruniquel's hair got too close to a candle and caught fire while shooting Murray and Emma Burton's wedding ceremony. Thankfully, one of the groomsmen quickly ran after her to extinguish the flames and everyone started to laugh. Because, let's admit it, people's hair catching aflame is funny. At least in South Africa. Read More >>

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Hiding a GoPro Inside a Bouquet Shows the Wedding from the Bride’s Point of View

Here's a freakin' sweet idea for all you future lovebirds: hide a camera inside the wedding bouquet so you can capture the entire wedding through the bride's perspective. You'll end up with a touching first person video of the biggest day of your life. Read More >>

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Faking a Plane Crash

We've seen some awesome, hilarious and good-hearted proposals but we've never seen anything as twisted as this: a guy and girl fly a two person plane and take in the sweeping views (cue: aww) but then things take a wild turn, as the plane begins to crash. Well, "crash". Read More >>

Nobody Wants to Get Married at Eric Schmidt’s House, Because of Kim Kardashian

Eric Schmidt is the owner of a mansion in Montecito, California that's so beautiful and gorgeous that even the rich and famous use it to hold their weddings and parties. But apparently, not anymore. And it's not because Schmitty is no longer the Google CEO...but because of Kim Kardashian. What? Read More >>

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This Is the First Wedding In the World Filmed With Ultra-High Definition 3D Cameras

I always hated wedding videos; they always look so cheesy. But not this one. This one was filmed with RED Epic cameras on 5K resolution and 3D! These are the same cameras that Peter Jackson has used for The Hobbit, and Ridley Scott for Prometheus. Read More >>

Couple Pays £750 for Objectively Worst Wedding Photos of All Time

We don't say of all time with a light heart, but truly, these are the worst wedding photos of all time. Did a child take them? An elephant? A ghost? Every single one is godawful in its own godawful way. Read More >>

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Geekiest Marriage Proposal Yet: Binary, Bender Mask, Flying RC Shark

Raising the bar on nerdy wedding proposals, YouTuber doctorpappa (possibly not a real doctor) decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him by donning a paper-mache Futurama Bender mask, and popping the question in binary. Read More >>

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This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

Attention lonely internet lurkers, there are girls out there who totally "get" our internet humour and still love us! Like Audrey, the lovely girl in this video who was proposed to by her boyfriend Tim with internet memes. Watch the video, it's so gosh darn cute. Read More >>

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The Objectively Worst Time to Use an iPad as a Camera

Although this isn't as grotesque as the MySpace quasi-hooker's self-portraiture, whipping out your iPad as a goofy camera during a wedding is just the worst. The worst. This marriage is doomed. Read More >>