Derby Pub Bans Royal Wedding Talk

A pub in Derby is making itself into a royal wedding free zone, with the landlady of the Alexandra Hotel deciding to ban her customers from mentioning the ginger prince and his TV bride. Read More >>

Should You Bring a Llama to Your Wedding?

Weddings have seen some interesting trends over the last few years, ranging from bridal diapers to Taco Bell matrimonies. With the rise of FOMO-inducing platforms like Instagram, it’s simply not good enough to be in love with someone — your love has to be the best, and everyone else’s utter bullshit. Read More >>

Bizarre Press Release of the Day Award: Sony’s 4K Bride Cam

If you're getting married, why not make the ceremony even more memorable by strapping a massive camera to your face? Read More >>

Ikea Adds Cheap Webcam Weddings to Product Listings

Ikea is suggesting that having the bride and groom gather around a webcam is an ideal way to manage a wedding online, with a variety of backdrops letting couples get married in the location of their dreams -- but for pretend and really cheap and with Twitter open in another tab so the event is not too boring. Read More >>

Ugh, This Engagement Ring Box Camera

Spring is in the air, and you're possibly feeling joyously spontaneous, looking over at your winter cuddle buddy that things got unexpectedly heavy with. Maybe it's time to spend the rest of my life with this person! If you're going to get down on one knee and propose marriage to the love of your life, you now have the option of using Ring Cam to capture the moment. Read More >>

Lancing a Slice of Wedding Bliss In True Gears of War-Style

Here at Gizmodo, we've seen some crazy wedding ideas recently, but nothing quite beats this. Why not celebrate how you and your partner met while butchering cutting the cake? Having come together playing Gears of War, that's exactly what this couple did -- slice up their wedding cake with a full size retro lancer. Read More >>

Getting Married in an Undersea Base

Otto Ruttan got married to Leanne in the Aquarius Reef Base on March 26th, 1996. They met at Aquarius during his first day on the job. She was a marine biologist doing aquanaut training and he, being the new guy, was assigned to count laps during the swimming drill. Read More >>

Zuck’s Facebook Wedding Cost £5 Million

When Mark "NASDAQ" Zuckerberg and his longtime belle Priscilla Chan got married earlier this month, we were surprised by how modest the billionaire bash was. It was in a back yard! Turns out, it still required major bank. Read More >>

CES Nerds Can Get Married In an Apple Store-Lookalike Vegas Wedding Chapel

...Though they don't need to stress about finding a member of the opposite sex to force into marrying them, as pop-up wedding chapel iDo also performs commitment ceremonies; fake weddings and even pet weddings. Taking design cues from Apple's retail stores, iDo at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas also gives newlyweds rings made out of erasers, because nothing says love like rubbing out the words on your marriage certificate after you come to your senses the following day. Read More >>

Astronomically Expensive Wedding Rings Made from Space Gold

Space Gold, as we all know, is the rarest and most-expensive form of precious metal known to ma—wait, whaddya mean it's just regular gold that's been shot into space? And they want how much?!?! Read More >>

Giant DIY Lomo Camera Captures Every Drunken Wedding Photo Op

Instead of having an obnoxious wedding photographer trying to grab candid shots of the guests during the reception, Instructables user letMeBeFranks built this gigantic Lomography camera that served as a private photobooth. At £95, constructed from scrounged parts and equipment from around his home, it was a lot cheaper than renting one too. Read More >>