Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Falls Among Urinating Men Demographic

A company called Captive Media, which creates interactive experiences (and adverts) designed to be enjoyed while men do a wee in pub toilets equipped with its urinal screens, claims to have uncovered a new trend in the US political campaign. Drunk men having a wee are now more likely to want to wee on Hillary than Trump, signalling an apparent recent fall in popularity. Read More >>

Men Weeing on a Church are Rotting it Away

The world's tallest church in the city of Ulm, Germany, faces turning into a not very high at all pile of rubble in the future thanks to the sword work of local men. Read More >>

AirPnP Lets You Invite Drunk Strangers Inside to Wee All Over Your Floor

AirPnP is clever mobile site that takes care of "lavatory logistics" while you're out and about, offering to link up people who need to go to the toilet with those who are happy to invite strangers into their homes to get wee everywhere and use more than their fair share of toilet paper. Read More >>

Human Wee Could be the Future of Plant Growing

According to stats released by the eco-gardeners at the Rich Earth Institute, a large proportion of the energy used to treat waste water is blown on neutralising the nitrogen and phosphorous in human urine -- which happen to be two great nutrients for plant life. If only there was a way to collect wee and use it to fertilise crops without everyone getting so weirded out by it. Read More >>

“Law of Urination” Is a Real Thing, Says Science

Here's a cool bit of brand-spanking-new trivia for you: all mammals, regardless of size, take about 21 seconds to pee. That's right: it takes you about the same amount of time to to wee-wee as it does an elephant. Why? Because evolution. Read More >>