China’s Social Media Users Call Kim Jong Un ‘Fatty on the Train’ and ‘Obese Patient’ to Bypass Censors

Did North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un visit Beijing in his first official state visit outside of the country on Monday? Speculation was running wild on Chinese social media, but we still don’t know for sure. One thing we do know for sure: People in China get creative when they’re trying to bypass the country’s internet censors. Read More >>

New Terms Censored on Chinese Social Media Include ‘Disney’, ‘Wheel of History’, and ‘Personality Cult’

Next month, China will amend its constitution to scrap the 5-year term limit for the presidency. The move paves the way for the current president, Xi Jinping, to be leader for life and China’s internet censors are working overtime to erase disparaging remarks about the decision. Censors are erasing any mention of new banned words, like “Disney,” “change the law,” and “Brave New World.” Read More >>

Chinese Tech Giant’s Office Party Featured Humiliating Simulated Blowjobs 

Tencent, the Chinese tech behemoth, sparked outrage this week when a video from its year-end party leaked online. The video shows employees participating in an incredibly sexist office game. Read More >>

This Adorable Bunny is Fake

Have you seen this absolutely adorable bunny on Pinterest or Twitter or Facebook recent? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s completely fake. It’s a 100 per cent bunny bluff. Read More >>

Latest Chinese Photoshop Fail Sees Disembodied Official Tower Over Tiny Old Woman

Has no-one showed the Chinese government's PR teams the joys of YouTube tutorials? Has Photoshop For Dummies not been translated into Mandarin? Has there been some supply shortage for those in need of contact lenses? There simply has to be a better explanation for this latest in the long line of Chinese Photoshop fails than that they're simply rubbish at photo editing. Read More >>