Airlines May Start Secretly Weighing Us All

A UK-based startup thinks it's happened upon a sly way of saving the airlines a bit of money on each flight, and is pitching the idea of quickly and unobtrusively weighing each passenger before they board their flights -- so the plane can be fuelled with precisely the right amount of flying petrol. Read More >>

The First Rule of Pet Fit Club is Probably Stop Eating Human Food

There is a thing called Pet Fit Club, and it's happening this year. The organisers have assembled some of the UK's fattest animals and will be encouraging the poor mistreated things to lose weight via a six-month diet and exercise regime. Read More >>

Hawaiian Airlines Horrifies Fliers With Pre-flight Weight Checks

Hawaiian Airlines is at the centre of the shaming scandal of the day, after revealing plans to weigh passengers before flights -- so they can safely distribute the more hefty ones to stop the planes flying in circles. Read More >>

Why Your Old Exercise Routine May Stop Making You Lose Weight

A new gym-goer finds an exercise routine, sticks with it, and the weight started coming off at a regular clip — until something changes. Not the person; they’re still exercising as hard as ever, sometimes harder, but the weight loss has stopped. What happened? Read More >>

Are Batteries Heavier When They’re Full? Let Kryten From Red Dwarf Demonstrate

Enthusiastic internet mansplainer Tom Scott has had a go at a bit of science this week, attempting, in a light-hearted and not particularly factual way, to find out if electric cars lose weight when their batteries deplete. A celebrity got involved. The headline reveals which one. Read More >>

You Can Really Make Your Kindle Lighter by Uninstalling Books

Brainy people answering the theoretical question of how much data weighs have come up with an answer, suggesting that, yes, a Kindle loaded with thousands of ebooks will weigh more than one with only the pre-loaded manual onboard. Read More >>

Forget What Your Teacher Said: Mass and Weight are the Same

At school, your physics teacher probably drummed it into you that mass and weight are completely different things. Actually, they were wrong all along. Read More >>

Flabby Coppers are Failing Compulsory Fitness Tests

Freedom of Information requests have unearthed some poor fitness levels among certain police forces, with 363 officers across 27 UK forces failing to puff their way through their new compulsory fitness exams. Read More >>

An Unsettling Reminder to Water Your Plants

Keeping flowers or plants in your house is supposed to make things more beautiful, not chaotic. But this vase is only balanced when the flowers have water. If too much liquid evaporates, the counter-weight pulls one side of the vase down. Read More >>

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How Much Hair, Sweat, Pee and Poop Do Our Bodies Make Every Year?

Prepare to be grossed out. You know how you go to the bathroom every day, cut your nails every few weeks and cut your hair every month? Did you ever think about what all that totals up to? What about all those times you've cried or drooled or worked up a sweat? It adds up to an embarrassing amount of fluid! Read More >>

The Science of Six Packs

If you've always yearned for a washboard stomach, and you can do a thousand crunches but you still aren't seeing results, you're not alone. But never fear! Everyone has a six pack under there (somewhere), you've just got to know what to do to get it out in the open. Read More >>

A Samoan Airline Now Charges Passengers By Body Weight

Bad news for those carrying a few extra pounds: Samoa Air has become the world's first airline to introduce a pricing policy which charges passengers by body weight, following a Norwegian professor's shock assertions on the subject last week. Time to diet? Read More >>

Being Obese Is Better Than Being Underweight

Modern society is obsessed with weight: everyone longs to be skinny, and obesity is demonised. But while being overweight does carry with it health risks, a new study suggests that being underweight is far more dangerous than being obese. Read More >>