South Park Wants You to Record Your Farts for its New Game

PR and marketing stunts are everywhere these days, doing a bunch of weird things to try and promote some product or item. Ubisoft are taking it to the next level when it comes to South Park: The Fractured But Whole, with another fart-based stunt to attract your attention. Read More >>

Town’s Water Turns Pink In Horrifying Ghostbusters Throwback 

Residents of Onoway, Alberta got quite the jolt earlier this week when water of a distinctly pinkish hue started to flow from their taps. Read More >>

This Dwarf Planet’s Freaky Ice Volcano Might Not Be Alone After All

The only thing cooler than a volcano is an ice volcano, obviously. Scientists think they’ve spotted these mounds of icy rock—called cryovolcanoes—on many moons, such as Triton, Europa, Titan, and demoted planet Pluto (sorry, Pluto). Perhaps the strangest one of all is Ahuna Mons, a solitary ice giant half the size of Mount Everest, located on the dwarf planet Ceres. But a new study suggests Ahuna Mons might not have always been the loneliest (ice) volcano in the solar system. Read More >>

Russian Propaganda Mysteriously Cut Into C-SPAN’s Web Feed and No One Knows Why

This afternoon, online viewers of politics-meets-Ambien channel C-SPAN were treated to a disturbing change in programming: For around 10 minutes, the web stream aired RT (formerly Russia Today) instead. Read More >>

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Watch an Artist Sculpt Wonderfully Wacky Sculptures

Meet Wilfrid Wood. He’s an artist who specialises in sculpting heads and figures that are never boring, because they go far beyond the safe and traditional look many of us are used to seeing. Wood’s sculptures are often wacky, definitely fun, and always wildly expressive, like he’s managed to capture a person’s very specific reaction and emotion and feeling in each piece. Read More >>

When You Fly Over a Foreign Country, Your Aeroplane Owes Rent

Ever wonder how commercial flights are allowed to pass over and through many different sovereign nations without causing a fuss? You can thank the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Read More >>

Canadian Military Investigates Mysterious Pings From the Arctic Seafloor

Indigenous hunters in the Canadian territory of Nunavut have reported unexplained sounds that appear to be coming from the Arctic seafloor. These sounds, described as “pings”, “hums”, and “beeps”, have attracted the attention of Canada’s Department of National Defense, which dispatched a plane to investigate. Read More >>

Funerals are Going High-Tech Thanks to the Former Head of Epcot

Funerals are a £16 billion industry in the United States. And while most people don’t expect a lot of technology at a funeral, the industry is trying to keep up with the times. That means that funeral homes aren’t just selling caskets anymore. They’re selling an “experience”. Read More >>

What We Know About Bizarre Crime Filming App Vigilante

“Can injustice survive transparency?” is the tagline of a new app called Vigilante, that purports to empower its users to stop crimes in progress, turning each of us into Daredevil or Luke Cage. In practice, though, Vigilante could end up being the best way to waste your time, annoy the police, or just maybe get yourself killed. Read More >>

That Horrifying Hostage Video Was Just a Twisted Misunderstanding

Yesterday, we wrote about a YouTube video called “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” It had recently gone viral, and a theory emerged that it may have been connected to the 2009 disappearance of Kayla Berg, a Wisconsin teenager. Police announced they were investigating the video on Monday, but late last night, the department declared that the whole thing was just a twisted misunderstanding. Read More >>

Video Called ‘Moving Plant to the Left 3,000 Times’ Shows Plant Being Moved to the Left 3,000 Times

In his most recent upload, Schnooleheletteletto pushes a potted plant to the left, with varying degrees of force, 3,000 times over the course of 77 minutes. This is a classic Schnoo troll, one that bears more resemblance to an art project than the sort of disingenuous mockery we usually association the word with. Read More >>

Here’s a Bunch of Upside Down Flying Cars Driving Down the Road

I mean, if we’re going to eventually get flying cars (we won’t ever get flying cars, you fools), we can technically fly them in any goddamn direction we want, right? Which means, why the hell not flip the car upside down and fly around New York with the road as your roof and the sky as the ground. Read More >>

Why the Extinct Woolly Mammoth Could Soon Become a Protected Species

When you hear about animals being protected and put on special watch lists, you generally assume that there are some living specimens dotting around the planet. But that's not always the case, and the long-extinct woolly mammoth could be getting some extra protection. Read More >>

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Putting Dry Ice in Slime Spawns Some Really Weird Bubbles

Crazy Russian Hacker did what we are all thinking and put dry ice in some green slime. Read More >>

Why the Hell Is This Manhole Cover Levitating?

A huge storm drenched Phoenix and flooded the streets earlier this week. That’s already bizarre, and is the kind of storm you get once a century in the desert. But the weirdest thing is this floating manhole cover. The 150-pound metal plate kind of looks like it’s dancing. Or at least, it’s bouncing around the street in an attempt to levitate. Read More >>