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Seeing Friction Welding in Slow Motion Is Like Watching Stars Form

Friction welding already looks out of this world. I mean, watching two pieces of metal stick together through friction as they turn bright space orange? Awesome. Seeing friction welding in slow motion, on the other hand, that’s when we find out how truly spectacular the process is. The little sparks flying off the metal blocks look like stars being formed. Read More >>

A New Technique Can Weld Together Un-Weldable Materials

In recent decades, scientists have created ever-stronger metals — but the techniques used to weld them often ruin the materials' molecular properties. Now, a team has developed a way to weld together these previously un-weldable materials. Read More >>

Hey, Did You Know Bob Dylan is a Steampunk Metalworker?

Me, neither! But Mood Swings, a new exhibition at London’s Halcyon Gallery, will be showing off a series of large-scale metalworks—seven gates made from vintage iron scraps, hand-welded by the man himself. Read More >>

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Watch Molten Steel Run Through This 19th Century Welding Workshop

A few weeks ago, a tiny gallery in London was transformed into a scene straight out of the 19th century. Amid piles of sand, a worker donned a silver apron and safety helmet and poured molten hot steel down a track to create long slabs of metal. The man in the apron was Raphael Hefti—not an industrial worker, but an artist. Read More >>