Dolores’ Westworld Finale Arc May Be Just the Beginning

What will that dramatic Westworld season three finale mean for all the big players moving forward? Co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan had a few thoughts to share – especially when it comes to the show’s biggest player of all. Read More >>

Westworld Season 3 Gave Us Too Many Familiar Twists

Westworld is a show that lives to surprise us. The first season of the sci-fi series gave us some mind-bending plot reveals, spawning wild theories and an online community dedicated to sniffing out the truth. While season two did manage to shock us a few times, season three’s big twists have mostly fallen flat – because many of them were things we’ve seen before. Read More >>

The Westworld Finale Whiffed It Hard

Turns out while violent pleasures have violent ends, Westworld’s season three finale was a violent end that had very little pleasure in it. That is, if you were hoping for something more than a basic sci-fi action flick. It turns out everything the show has been building up these past seven episodes is nothing much at all. Read More >>

Westworld’s Vincent Cassel on That Final Serac Twist and What’s Next

The latest season of Westworld has revolved around Serac, an enigmatic figure who came out of nowhere to serve as the puppet master of their world. Every episode has brought us one step closer to understanding the man behind the tech – and it turns out the answer was the very thing that surprised the actor playing him the most. Read More >>

Westworld Reveals Dolores’ True Plan and Much, Much More

You want answers? The penultimate episode of Westworld season three has them. Caleb’s mysterious past? Check. The full extent of Serac’s depravity? Check. The identities of Maeve’s new B-Squad? Check. The surprise betrayal, badass fight scenes, and disturbingly cool future tech were just bonuses. Read More >>

The Robot Revolution Will Continue to Be Televised as Westworld Returns for Season 4

This week’s penultimate episode of Westworld’s third season might push the show’s revolutionary hosts that much closer to reaching their goals ahead of the finale, but HBO would like to kindly inform you that this season will not be the series’ last. Read More >>

Westworld’s Ed Harris Is Not Happy About That Man in Black Twist

Who is the Man in Black without the park? Westworld has spent much of season three breaking down William’s struggles after his time in the park, leading to a major confrontation with the demons of his past. But how does the man playing him feel about all of it? Not great, it seems. Read More >>

A Fantastic Westworld Brings Back Those Violent Delights

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Even more than last week’s excellent enigmatic episode, last night's Westworld felt more authentic to the first two seasons of the show in ways that were wonderful – and occasionally jaw-dropping – to behold. It was a violent delight from start to end. Read More >>

Westworld Is Confusing Again, But in the Good Way

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Westworld to start messing with your mind again, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is there are some deeply mysterious, confusing questions raised in tonight’s episode. The bad news is that I don’t think all of them have answers. Read More >>

Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why Dolores’ ‘Revolution’ May Not Be a Good Thing

Dolores is on a mission, and she’s not going at it alone. Joined by her personal army of Hosts and a human who wants to help her break the cycle, Dolores is starting a “revolution” on Westworld. However, as star Evan Rachel Wood explained in a recent interview, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea. Read More >>

Making the Future Fashionable as Hell Takes a Lot of Work

The future of fashion. Can anyone really predict what the most fabulous designs from far, far away will look like? Well, plenty of sci-fi films have tried and costume designers put an incredible amount of work to make our fantastical futures look fab. Read More >>

Dolores’ Devious Plan Comes Together on a Wonderfully Wild Westworld

If you’ve found the first three episodes of season three to be a slow burn, good news – Dolores just tossed on some gas. Her plan kicked into high gear tonight, but we also got the long-awaited return of the Man in Black, some of the season’s big secrets were revealed, and there were even a few violent delights along the way. This is the Westworld you’ve been waiting for. Read More >>

The Tech in Westworld’s Episode 3 Shocker Is Already Here and Much Worse Than You Think

The latest episode of Westworld had a huge reveal about the real world outside of the parks, one that embodies the show’s latest motto that “free will is not free.” The whole thing might seem far-fetched, like human robots, but it’s actually terrifying once you realise predictive algorithms are already here...and have a much bigger hold on you than you realise. Read More >>

Westworld Begins to Amp Up With a Charlotte Hale Mary

It’s been an uncharacteristically slow, straightforward start for Westworld’s newest season, but the series is finally returning to its strengths by leaning hard into one of the show’s biggest mysteries: Who the hell is in Delos director Charlotte Hale’s body? Read More >>