Westworld’s Creators Want the Show’s Online Fan Theorists to Help Shape the Second Season

Given that the first season of Westworld’s puzzle-like plot was designed to keep audiences guessing up until the finale, it’s unsurprising that a vibrant community of fan theorists quickly sprung up to unpack the show’s many mysteries. Read More >>

Westworld Is One of Six Parks, and Here’s a Peek at the Next One

A newly discovered website for HBO’s Westworld confirms that Delos has five other parks under its belt, and we think we know which one we’re heading to next season. Read More >>

Things Are as Mysterious as Ever In the New Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since audiences travelled to Westworld. But this year, we’re going back, and here’s our first trip. Read More >>

The Co-Creator of Westworld Just Dropped an Early Season Two Clue

Remember last year when everyone was obsessed with Westworld? The HBO hit sparked our imaginations in all kinds of ways. However, with a long wait for season two, things have been quiet lately. That may start to change, however, as co-creator Jonathan Nolan took to Reddit to drop an early clue for season two. Read More >>

Disney Could Go Westworld With New Patent Filing for Soft ‘Humanoid’ Robots

A new patent filing for Disney hints at a dark, apocalyptic future at Disney’s amusement parks... or even in your own home. Just kidding, it’s fine, everything’s fine. It’s only robots. What could possibly go wrong? Read More >>

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How Humans Created an Even More Believable Vision of the Singularity Than Westworld

Late 2016 has been a great time to be a fan of TV shows about artificial intelligence. While HBO was putting out the glossy robo-violence of Westworld, Channel 4 was giving us season two of the far more low-key Humans, which comes to an end on Sunday. Both focus on human-looking robots created to serve and entertain humanity, and in both it goes predictably awry, leaving both humans and hosts/synths facing big questions about what it means to be conscious. Read More >>

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Big Reveals Seem Stupidly Obvious After Watching The Westworld Dubsmash Mix

Who knew the Westworld cast was spoiling the first season all along... and on Dubsmash? Read More >>

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Every Question That Was Asked on Westworld

Do you know how to make a TV programme seem more mysterious than it actually is? It’s really simple actually: just make the characters ask as many questions as they possibly can. There’s no need to actually write dialogue, just keep distracting everyone with questions because if the characters don’t know what the hell is going on, why would we? Read More >>

How Do We Know That We Aren’t Actually Robots?

Welcome to Giz Asks, a series where we ask suddenly urgent questions and experts try to answer them. Today, we’re wondering if it’s possible to be a robotic artificial intelligence entity and not know it. Read More >>

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Video Shows How Westworld and Jurassic Park Are Basically the Same Thing

Westworld, the hit HBO sci-fi western, and Jurassic Park, the source of all your favourite Jeff Goldblum GIFs, have one thing in common: They were both based on stories by Michael Crichton. And it turns out, that one thing makes a huge difference. Read More >>

Single Vending Machine Replaces Last Shop in English Town

So clever, so depressing: the English town of Clifton, having dwindled in economic strength over the years, has responded to the loss of its last place to shop with a giant vending machine. The so-called Speedy Shop—really, an over-sized, building-shaped machine standing alone in a dreary parking lot—is meant to help bring some economic life back to the town. Read More >>