Get Ahead of the Wet Wipes Ban by Cleaning Your Bum With This Gel

Despite clear labelling about not flushing baby wipes and their ilk down our loos, people are still doing it, and to avoid another fatberg, one company is offering an alternative when it comes to cleaning bums - be it your baby's or your own. Read More >>

473 Bin Bags of Wet Wipes Removed From Thames Shoreline

Some Londoners who own wellies had a fun day out on the Thames in March, where they spent an enjoyable day mudlarking for... wet wipes and sanitary products. The Romans left pipes and pots. We're leaving a reef of plastic fibres because we think the toilet is a bin. Read More >>

Flushable Wet Wipes Are Coming, But You Don’t Have Them Yet So Don’t Flush Any

Despite news stories, giant fatbergs, blocked train toilets and angry notices in student halls of residence, some people still stubbornly refuse to stop flushing their wet wipes. Read More >>

Government Considers Banning Wet Wipes to Save the Sewers

The government is thinking about adding wet wipes to the list of bad things we can't be trusted to have, use, or dispose of properly, as such single-use, non-biodegradable products are currently on the hit list due to containing the modern scourge of the planet, plastic. Read More >>