WH Smith is Closing a Bunch of Shops

More bad news for the UK high street: WH Smith is closing some stores and ending experiments including its discount card shop CardMarket and WH Smith Local concessions. Read More >>

WH Smith Balls-Up Sees Tills Only Selling The Queen’s Knickers and Absolutely Nothing Else

Yesterday's bank holiday apparently sent the tills in WH Smith a little loopy, where they rebelled against their masters and insisted everyone bought The Queen's Knickers and nothing else, despite what you thought you had in the bag. Read More >>

WH Smith Launching Kobo, Another Entirely Unnecessary E-Reader

UK magazine, sweeties and celebrity autobiography retailer WH Smith has signed a deal with Canadian e-reader company Kobo, which will see the high street chain selling its e-reader over here, complete with access to "2.2m titles". Read More >>