Are Humpback Whales Plotting to Take Over the World?

Maybe you thought the apocalypse would come from a nuclear war or climate change or revolting sentient robots or something. But after reading about a strange new humpback whale behaviour, you might want to add a cetacean coup to your list. Happy Friday. Read More >>

Beached Whale Situation Gets Worse With Hundreds More Stranded Ashore

Early on Saturday, dozens of volunteers worked to re-float about 100 of the 40o whales that mysteriously beached themselves in New Zealand. But their rescue effort quickly escalated when 240 more were stranded. It’s all the more frustrating that no one is certain why this is happening. Read More >>

Hundreds of Whales Are Dead Following a Horrific Mass Stranding in New Zealand

Image: AP
In what’s considered the largest mass stranding in decades, over 400 pilot whales have beached themselves on a New Zealand shore. Hundreds of whales died overnight, and rescuers are now frantically working to save the dozens of remaining whales who are clinging to life. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Shark Had a Fatal Appetite For Dwarf Whales

Megalodon, the largest shark to have ever terrorised our planet’s oceans, may have gone extinct owing to its limited dietary preference for dwarf whales, according to new research. Read More >>

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We Finally Know Why Freaky Sounds Come From the Deepest Stretch of Ocean

During exploratory missions to the Mariana Trench in 2014 and 2015, scientists recorded mysterious sounds they dubbed the “Western Pacific Biotwang.” New research has exposed the cause of these eerie noises from the deep. Read More >>

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Diver Catches Once in a Lifetime Closeup Footage of a Whale Breach

The ocean’s already fraught with danger, the last thing you need while swimming is a massive humpback whale deciding it wants to leap out of the water a few feet from where you’re treading water. But that’s exactly what happened to Australian photographer Beau Pilgrim, who fortunately got the whole thing on video. Read More >>

Desperate Whale Calf Tries to Free Its Mother From a Sandbank

Unbelievable footage from Australia shows a whale calf as it desperately tries to free its mother from a sandbank. Read More >>

New Two-Lensed Camera Shows What It’s Like to Ride on the Back of Whale

Researchers from Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station have developed a two-lensed camera that sticks to the backs of filter-feeding whales with suction cups. The new device has been used to capture unprecedented footage of whales in action, and it’s offering new insights into the feeding and swimming behaviors of these aquatic beasts. Read More >>

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Spectacular Drone Footage of Three Curious Whales Checking Out a Boat

The talented pilots at had a whale-watching experience they’ll never forget. Not only did three massive humpback whales circle the boat they were on, they were also able to capture the experience from a DJI Inspire drone flying overhead recording glorious 4K footage. Read More >>

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Flying Humpback Whale Nearly Crushes Kayakers

Humpback whales, those 36,000 kilo giants of the sea, might be the living embodiment nature’s majesty, but when one gets close enough to crush you, it’s like you’re in the middle of some Godzilla monster flick. Read More >>

How Whales Turned Sound Into a Killing Tactic

Say hello to the “Echo Hunter,” a 27 million-year-old toothed whale that’s helping scientists understand how these ancient sea creatures evolved the ability to hear high-frequencies underwater, and then turn that ability into a killing technique. Read More >>

Scientists Find a Dead Whale and Poke it in Wonder

Scientists nosing about among the Diet Coke bottles, Coop carrier bags and flushed away Lego minifigs at the bottom of the sea have made an interesting discovery -- a nearly-complete whale skeleton that's almost finished decomposing where the creature fell. Read More >>

A Rare New Species of Beaked Whale Has Been Discovered in the Pacific

Did you know that beaked whales are a thing, and that they’re more than just giant, weird-looking dolphin clones? Read More >>

Drone Footage Shows a Pod of Dolphins Hunting a Shark

Wow This aerial view, courtesy of a drone, captures something not often seen: a pod of false killer whales (which are a species of dolphins, of course) chasing and hunting down a shark in the waters near Sydney, Australia. Read More >>