Defying International Community, Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

Six months after announcing it would be breaking with the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan has officially resumed commercial whaling. Hundreds of whales will now be permitted to be hunted commercially each year in defiance of the IWC’s moratorium on the practice. Read More >>

Narwhal Genome Reveals Another Way That Narwhals Are Weird

One of the most recognisable animals of the sea, the narwhal, is even more unique than their looks would suggest, according to a new study of their genetics released last week. Read More >>

Exploding Whales, Poisoned Porpoises: The Gruesome World of Cetacean Autopsies

A dolphin post-mortem may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people have a soft spot for the highly intelligent cetaceans, so watching a recently deceased one get comprehensively dissected by tools including a pair of rudimentary garden shears can be tough. Read More >>

Horrific Scene as 145 Stranded Whales Die on New Zealand Beach

At least 145 pilot whales are dead following a mass stranding at a remote beach in southern New Zealand. The two pods of pilot whales beached themselves over the weekend, their carcasses now littering the picturesque beach. Read More >>

Dead Sperm Whale Washes Up With 150 Plastic Cups in Its Stomach

Can the whales ever catch a break? They’re already dealing with industrial chemicals, food shortages, and dangerous ships. Then, there’s the plastic that inevitably makes its way into their stomachs. On Monday, a dead whale floated ashore in eastern Indonesia with its stomach full of plastic junk, including 115 plastic cups and two pairs of flip-flops. Read More >>

Pilot Whale Dies in Thailand After Being Found With 17 Pounds of Plastic Bags in Its Stomach

A male pilot whale struggled for five days to stay alive in Thailand near the Malaysian border after rescuers found it with 17 pounds of plastic bags in its stomach, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, but it ultimately succumbed to its illnesses. Read More >>

The Ancient Ancestors of Blue Whales Hunted the Oceans With Surprisingly Sharp Teeth

Modern filter-feeding baleen whales use comb-like structures in their mouths to scoop up large volumes of itsy-bitsy animals and microorganisms. But as new research reveals, their ancestors were remarkably different, featuring sharp teeth that they used to attack prey. Read More >>

The Great Dolphin-Human War Is Inching Closer

After all of those years of humans holding dolphins in shackles, mocking them with cutesy depictions in the media, and forcing them to do tricks under inhumane conditions at theme parks, the cetaceans may finally have their revenge. They’re attacking our fisheries. Read More >>

More Than 140 Whales Are Dead After Mass Stranding in Australia

Rescuers in Australia’s Hamelin Bay struggled to save six short-finned pilot whales out of an estimated 150 who beached themselves on the rocky shore on Friday. Read More >>

Everyone Is Saying This Whale Is ‘Talking,’ but It Sounds More Like Farting to Me

There’s a killer whale in France that apparently has a special talent: It sounds like it can mimic human words. That certainly would be impressive and an exciting advancement of human-orca relations, but to my ears, the “words” sound a whole lot like fart noises. Read More >>

Fake Whales Stranded on Lincolnshire Beach

There's a charity in the UK called British Divers Marine Life Rescue, and one of the things it does is train people with an interest in how to save the lives of big things that wash up on beaches. The living things, not the shipping containers full of motorbikes. Read More >>

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Brutal Drone Footage Shows a Pod of Orcas Attacking a Minke Whale

As apex predators, orcas can prey on whichever marine animal they choose—large or small. During a recent expedition off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, scientists captured rare footage of orcas attacking a 40-foot-long minke whale. Read More >>

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Everything in the World Is Bad Except for These Whales Blowing Rainbows

Do you ever get sad? I mean, like, really sad about the state of the world? Earth can be a pretty depressing place to live these days. But if you ever need a pick-me-up, might I suggest watching some videos of whales blowing rainbows? Whales blowing rainbows ain’t so bad, is it? Read More >>

The Wild Reason Whales Got So Freakishly Big

Baleen whales (Mysticeti) are vacuums of the sea. The blue whale, which is one of 12 species of baleen whales, is the largest animal in the world — AKA the biggest sea vacuum. It fuels its 200-tonne body by eating tiny crustaceans called krill, which get filtered through the blue whales’ baleen. New research suggests that over millions of years, baleen whales’ filter system — and a hell of a lot of krill — allowed these beasts to grow into giants. Read More >>

Are Humpback Whales Plotting to Take Over the World?

Maybe you thought the apocalypse would come from a nuclear war or climate change or revolting sentient robots or something. But after reading about a strange new humpback whale behaviour, you might want to add a cetacean coup to your list. Happy Friday. Read More >>