Stunning 4K Video Remaster Moves ‘Last Christmas’ to Acceptable Listening List

This year's royalties from the Wham! classic Last Christmas have been reinvested in a 4K remaster of the song's quadruple-mature cheddar of a video, with the original 1980s film footage spliced back together at 2019 resolution. Read More >>

Michael Gove Mentally Scars Some Innocent School Children With Rap Attempt

Michael Gove, the actual Micheal Gove off the telly and out of the government, has done a little bit of rapping. Admitting to being a fan of the genre, Gove claims the first rap he heard was in mainstream 1982 pop atrocity Wham Rap, a track he then went on to repeat a little of for the amusement of some children. Read More >>

George Michael Thinks Cannabis Briefly Gave Him a West Country Accent

Let's go outside, George Michael; you're definitely in need of some fresh air if you truly believe that smoking a few joints could make you contract a wholly different accent. Read More >>

Wham vs PSY gangnam style
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What Do You Get When You Slam Gangnam Style Into Wham? The Best Christmas Song Ever, Obviously

The race for the UK Christmas number one is always so damn dull. I mean, hell, who really cares? But what if it was the, err, 'best' Christmas song ever? Yeah, even I could get behind a Wham Vs Psy Last Christmas, Gangnam Style remix. Dj Paolo Monti, you are a genius. [Vimeo via Mashable] Read More >>