The EU is Fining Facebook €110 Million for Misleading it During the WhatsApp Takeover

The European Commission has ruled that Facebook intentionally misled officials during its takeover of WhatsApp in 2014. Specifically it was misleading about its ability to utilise data, and is receiving a fine of €110 million (£93.8 million). Read More >>

“Rise Up Against Apple,” MP Tweets From Her iPhone

MP Nadine Dorries is the latest butt of Twitter's jokes after tweeting that "we need to rise up against companies like Apple and Whattsapp [sic]" from her iPhone. Read More >>

WhatsApp Security Flaw Reveals You Can Apparently Use WhatsApp in a Browser

Security researchers just announced the discovery of major vulnerabilities in WhatsApp and Telegram, two popular messaging apps with end-to-end encryption, when used in an internet browser. In related news, you can use WhatsApp and Telegram in an internet browser. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Your WhatsApp Chats As A Printed Book – For Some Reason

Turning digital services into physical products is big business, with people gladly paying for a copy of their Instagram photos as fridge magnets or their pets on a tote bag. But new company Zapptales is taking it a step further, letting you order a print copy of your WhatsApp chats, if that's something you'd ever want to do. Read More >>

There’s No Security Backdoor In WhatsApp, Despite Reports

This morning The Guardian published a story with an alarming headline: “WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages.” If true, this would have massive implications for the security and privacy of WhatsApp’s one-billion-plus users. Fortunately, there’s no backdoor in WhatsApp, and according to an experienced security researcher who spoke to Gizmodo, Alec Muffet, The Guardian’s story is “major league fuckwittage”. Read More >>

WhatsApp May Soon Let You Edit and Delete Sent Messages

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would allow users to delete or edit sent messages -- even if they’ve already been read. Read More >>

WhatsApp Might Stop Working on Your Parents’ Phones This Month

A cheap new phone could be just the ticket for your mum or dad this year, especially if the poor things happen to be stuck using the ancient iPhone 3GS or something running Windows Phone 7, Android 2.1 or Android 2.2. Read More >>

WhatsApp and Facebook Temporarily Scrap UK Data Sharing Plans

Facing pressure from the Information Commissioner’s Office, Facebook and WhatsApp have suspended their data sharing plans in the UK. The two companies’ August announcement didn’t go down particularly well with app users, prompting fears about what exactly their WhatsApp data would be used for. Read More >>

WhatsApp’s Getting Video Calls

Skype, Hangouts and Duo -- watch your backs. WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out video calls to Android users, with Android Police spotting the new option overnight. Read More >>

WhatsApp Now Lets You Draw Little Pictures

With its enormous user base and built-in end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has some major advantages over rival messaging tools. In the hyper-competitive digital marketplace of 2016, however, only one feature truly matters: the ability to draw little pictures (preferably cute ones) over other little pictures. Read More >>

German Regulators Ban Facebook From Collecting WhatsApp Data

Earlier this year, WhatsApp betrayed its long-standing commitment to privacy when it announced that it would share user data with its parent company Facebook for the purpose of selling ads. Today, a German regulator announced it is putting the brakes on Facebook’s plan. Read More >>

A Tanzanian Man Has Been Arrested for ‘Insulting’ the Country’s Leader on WhatsApp

Have you ever popped onto social media to have a go at the Prime Minister? Well be thankful you don't live in Tanzania, because those whacky shenanigans might land you in trouble with the law. Even if you don't necessarily broadcast your views in public. Read More >>

WhatsApp Update Stops You Hiding From Annoying Group Chat Notifications

A stealth update to popular chat app WhatsApp looks like it might annoy enough people to force the company to bin it, with the app's maker allowing new group chat notifications to get through to users even if they've muted the online gang get together. Read More >>

How to Use Your Favourite Mobile Apps on Your Computer

Mobile apps are great when you’re away from your desk, but there are times when you might just want a full keyboard, gigantic screen, and comfortable chair while you fiddle with your apps. If that’s the case, you might be surprised to learn that many of your favourite apps can run on a laptop or desktop with very little fuss. Here’s how you can get started. Read More >>

Freedom Pop’s WhatsApp SIM has Launched in the UK

If you're still a heavy WhatsApp user, even after the whole sharing-data-with-Facebook debacle, do we have some good news for you. Freedom Pop, known for it's free and uber-cheap SIM deals, has just launched a new plan. For the low, low price of £0 a month, you can get 200MB of data, 100 minutes, and unlimited use of WhatsApp. Read More >>