Newcastle Developer Plans an Ad-Funded Wheel Bigger Than London’s Eye

There's a business called the World Wheel Company that exists only to install massive sightseeing wheels in cities around the world. And its next target is a sweet vacant bit of brownfield near the river in northern powerhouse Newcastle. Read More >>

Expanding Wheels Cover Every Type of Terrain

The normal tyre has been adapted over the course of a century to be pretty damn good at carrying people places. But from time to time they still break. Read More >>

Bloodhound Supercar’s Cheese Wheels Go Into Production

The wheels that will hopefully power the Bloodhound car to speeds higher than Jeremy Clarkson's resting heart rate are now in production, with four of the finest aluminium alloy cheeses being carved to extremely precise shape. Read More >>

This Farmer Reinvented the Wheel to Build a Better Wheelchair

It's one of the most stale idioms in the book: don't reinvent the wheel. But that didn't stop Gilad Wolf, the Israeli inventor who found that comfortably getting around in a conventional wheelchair was nearly impossible. Instead, Wolf set out to reinvent his wheelchair wheels. Read More >>

This Futuristic Car Has No Engine and No Transmission

A team of engineers at Ohio State University want to change the way cars work. Not only do they want to build a more efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle, but they also want to build a car with better parts—in fact, so much better that you can do away with major components... like a conventional engine. Read More >>

Reinvented Airless Wheel is Greener, Quieter and Just as Round

This odd round thing is the Hanook i-Flex, a new take on the car wheel and tyre combo that does away with air. Which means no more flat tyres and the people who hate you can't slash them. Read More >>

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This Is Why Even Wheels Are Absolutely Lethal in Formula 1

With Wimbledon on, and Murray finally doing it for all us Brits, the German GP got side-lined a bit. It was a cracking race though, but one Mark Webber moment really opened our eyes. An errant wheel from a pit stop went careening into a poor cameraman taking him completely out. Ouch. Read More >>

This Bicycle Wheel-Integrated Suspension Eats Cobbled Streets for Breakfast

Small, foldable bikes have become a staple of city commutes for all those of us cycling to catch trains or zooming across town to work. Unfortunately, for all the convenience of folding up nice and neat, those mini road-beasts tend not to pack any suspension to soften the pothole-blows to your behind. Read More >>

Move Over Segway — There’s a New Awesome Personal Transporter In Town

Ever since I saw the awesome cars that could move sideways in I, Robot, I’ve longed for the day when your standard one-axis tyre would be relegated to the scrap heap. Apparently I wasn’t the only one; Japanese scientists have been testing a working prototype of the Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle), which features wheels that’ll move both forwards and backwards as well as horizontally – no more parallel parking hack-jobs. Read More >>

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How to Die Extremely Quickly and Easily

But not painlessly. As demonstrated by these Russian youths, all it takes is a large wooden cable spool of some sort, and a long incline. And a dearth of everything else. Read More >>

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4WD Imperial Crawler Hack Makes the AT-AT Even More "Off-Roadier"

Called the Imperial Crawler by designer Christopher Aleria, this interesting take on the AT-AT would have surely been immune to Luke's harpoon technique. Read More >>