Vodafone is Still the Worst

Which? has just released the results of its annual survey of the UK's phone networks, and for an impressive eighth year on the trot, Vodafone came out worst. Read More >>

Behold, The Places With The Worst Broadband In Britain

It's 2019, and there are still places in the UK where broadband is too slow to use Netflix. Read More >>

black friday
‘Vast Majority’ of Black Friday Deals Aren’t Actually Cheaper, Says Which?

We've been feverishly publishing the latest Black Friday deals with the best of 'em, because we know you love a bargain as much as we do. Read More >>

Vodafone is the Worst Mobile Network for the Seventh Year Running, Says Which?

Last week Ofcom released its latest quarterly report about telecoms complaints, with Vodafone sharing the top 'most complained about mobile network' position with BT. With that in mind it should actually be no surprise that Which?'s annual mobile customer satisfaction survey has declared it the worst-performing mobile network for the seventh year running. Read More >>

UK Broadband Speeds Not Meeting Consumer Expectations, says Which?

In today's instalment of 'news that doesn't surprise anyone, but it's nice to have evidence', Which? has revealed that UK broadband speeds are significantly lower than what customers were initially expecting. Read More >>

UK Broadband Speeds to Get 25% Slower Because of THE TRUTH

Now for a piece of news to make you wonder about just how much bullshit companies are able to get away with in adverts. Broadband firms could reportedly be forced by the Advertising Standards Authority to stop promoting themselves with misleading top speeds and instead use actual average speeds in their ads. Read More >>

Turns Out We Brits are Being Overcharged for Our Gadgets

This morning we heard from the good people at Which? that our supermarkets are doing their very best to rip us off when we do out weekly shop. Now the consumer watchdog has published results that show us something we've all known for many years: that we are paying far too much for our beautiful tech. Read More >>

Pretend Supermarket Deals are Still Ripping Us Off, Says Consumer Group

Top trough-fillers Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are still inflating prices and playing mind games with us, according to Which?, with the supermarket giants routinely inventing deals and promotions based around short-term previous prices. Read More >>

Currys & PC World Caught Charging Rip-Off Prices for Simple Laptop Repairs

If ever you were in any doubt that a DIY job should always be your first port of call when it comes to computer repairs, read this -- Which? has found highstreet chain repair stores are massively overcharging their customers for easy-to-fix laptop problems. Read More >>

Pressure Group Says Networks Should Auto-Unlock Phones When Contracts End

If the UK's mobile networks want to make us love them as much as we love their dumb adverts, they should sell their PAYG phones unlocked -- and let us unlock contract phones for free when deals come to an end. Read More >>

UK Broadband
In No Surprising News Whatsoever, ISPs are Failing Their Customers According to Which? Survey

Rubbish speeds, intermittent connections and poor customer services are the norm for British broadband customers, a new survey commissioned by consumer watchdog Which? reveals. Read More >>

iPhone 5 4g hands-on
Which? Magazine: The iPhone 5 is the Slowest Smartphone of Them All

The testing gurus over at Which? have right royally sunk their teeth into the iPhone 5. They tested the seven most popular smartphones in Britain and found the iPhone 5 severely wanting. Read More >>