Whirlpool Recalls its Other Machines That Spin Clothes Round

Poor old Whirlpool, fresh from years of being battered to recall its potentially incendiary tumbedryers, has now crumbled to pressure to recall over half a million of its washing machines over same-but-different fire hazard concerns. Read More >>

Whirlpool Has Another Go at Getting its Incendiary Tumble Dryers Recalled

This, thank Christ, might be the last time we ever have to write about tumble dryers without making any jokes because people may yet die from one, as Whirlpool has yielded to various pressures and issued a full, no-quibble recall of all of its various sub-brands' tumble dryers deemed fire risks. Read More >>

Parliamentary Committee Asks if You’ve Had a Whirlpool Tumble Dryer Fire

Whirlpool probably wishes it'd never even heard of the concept of selling metal boxes that heat up and dry clothes, as it's once again coming under pressure from UK MPs because of the ones that caught fire. This time, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee is actively hunting for tales of potentially deadly dryer incidents. Read More >>

Whirlpool Told to Recall 500,000 of its Tumble Dryers

The Whirlpool combustible tumble dryer scandal is about to come to a close, with the government stepping in to order the white goods manufacturer to recall all remaining unmodified machines. Read More >>

MPs Attack Whirlpool Over Fire Risk Tumble Dryers

The thing about Whirlpool tumble dryers that might and can catch on fire is still rumbling on, with MPs operating within the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee saying Whirlpool's response to the mass safety issue has been "woeful." Read More >>

Google’s Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful

Released last year, Google Assistant hasn’t really proven itself useful outside of checking the weather, searching Google, or setting an alarm using voice commands. So far it’s been limited to just basic features that are more than matched by other smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. But Google is trying to change that. Read More >>

Whirlpool Finally Tells Everyone to Switch Off Hazardous Dryers

The Whirlpool tumble dryer CRISIS has been rolling on for well over a year, with machines made by the company and its sub-brands of Indesit, Creda and a few others linked with hundreds of cases of fire. Finally, after endless battering to do so, it's told owners of affected machines to turn them off instead of continuing to use them with crossed fingers. Read More >>

Whirlpool’s New Washer and Dryer Automatically Restock Detergents Using Amazon Dash

The only thing worse than running out of clean clothes is realising you’re also out of detergent when it comes time to clean them. So Whirlpool is introducing a new washing machine and dryer with Amazon Dash’s replacement service built right in ensuring lazy customers always have enough soap or fabric softener on hand. Read More >>

A Home Dry Cleaner That Refreshes Your Clothes in Just Ten Minutes

The Swash is being pitched as a sort of personal drycleaning machine that promises to refresh clothes in just ten minutes. But instead of the toxic chemicals often used at your local drycleaner, it runs on disposable detergent pods. Read More >>

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This Beautiful Design Finally Fulfills the Washer’s Round-Machine Destiny

Could sharp, pointy corners and box-like form factors join faux-wood finishes in the industrial design graveyard? Bauknecht, Whirlpool's European brand, has collaborated with German designer Arman Emami to create this stunning round washing machine which looks like it belongs front and centre in your living room—not your basement. Read More >>