Talk Everyone’s Ear Off Thanks to This Video On the Science of Whiskey

There’s no feeling more rewarding than being the smartest person in the room. Sure, your friends might think it’s annoying. But just imagine the sheer joy of going to the bar, hearing what drink they ordered, and explaining it to them. Try doing it on a date! Read More >>

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Can This Scratch-and-Sniff Book Turn You Into a Whiskey Aficionado?

While the clear intentions of vodka and gin were an easy sell for my cocktail glass, I admit it took me a little longer to dabble in the dark liquors. Mostly because I was confused. Was rye like bourbon? But what the hell was scotch? And apparently they’re all whiskey? If only I’d had this book. Read More >>

Time Capsule Opened, Contains Punchline For 71-Year-Old Joke

The residents of Lebanon, New Hampshire, recently discovered a time capsule hidden under the steps of their City Hall. Dated 1944, the capsule was in the form of a brown whiskey bottle. But sadly, there wasn’t any whiskey inside. Instead, it seems like it was just the set-up for a punchline 71 years in the making. Read More >>

How Space-Aged Whiskey Tastes: Smoked Fruit, Antiseptic, Rubbery Smoke

Back in 2011, Ardbeg Distillery, of Islay in Scotland, sent a sample of unmatured malt whiskey into space aboard the International Space Station. Now, the samples have been tested — and here’s how it tastes. Read More >>

This Glass Will Let You Enjoy Whiskey in Microgravity

Now that whiskey is being aged in space, it seems only fitting that there should be a way to enjoy the results in low gravity. Fortunately, this glass provides a way to sip the stuff en route to the stars. Read More >>

Johnnie Walker Adds Music to Booze With Bone Conduction Audio Accompaniament

Whisky specialist Johnnie Walker has hit upon a weird way to encourage the guzzling of high proof alcohols -- drinking them alongside an audio tool that uses bone conduction technology to turn the glass into a personal speaker. Read More >>

These Gorgeous Photos Show Whisky as You’ve Never Seen it Before

The bottom of a whisky glass turns out to be far more complex, beautiful, and scientifically fascinating than you might expect. These photographs of dried whisky rings taken by Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button are now inspiring physicists who study complex fluids. Read More >>

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Morphing Cocktails are the Perfect Spooky Boo(ze)

Look, cocktails are great. You know it, I know it. But after you pour one and then it just sits there, being all delicious. How mouth-wateringly boring, right? Halloween might be just about over but we've got a handful of morphing cocktails that bring a heavy dose of eye-candy. They should pair nicely with the heavy dose of regular candy that you're about to eat. Read More >>

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We Tried This Whisky-Enhancing Stick of Wood So You Don’t Have To

Whiskey is in my blood. Not literally—well maybe a little right now—but since my dad's side of the family is from Scotland and I grew up in Tennessee, I like to take the spirit seriously. So when I heard of a gadget that would make cheap whiskey taste top shelf, I was pretty excited. Until I tried it. Read More >>

Whiskey Panic-Buy Alert: We’re Running Out of Bourbon

Whiskey is on the rocks -- and I don't mean poured over ice. A leading US distiller has warned that bourbon shortages continue to be a problem, a tipple-timebomb for both the industry and spirit-drinking enthusiasts. Read More >>

The Best Way to Age Bourbon May be Putting it Out to Sea

Bourbon is to Kentucky as rum is to the Caribbean, so why is this distiller doing letting barrels of the stuff age on a ship bound for the Panama canal? If you ask Jefferson's Bourbon, they're just harnessing the motion of the ocean in pursuit of better booze. It's chemistry! Read More >>

Scientist Discovers How to Clean Up Poison Water With Whisky Leftovers

Alcohol may not solve all our problems, but it can solve at least one: A researcher in Scotland has found a way to purify arsenic tainted water with the barley husks leftover from making whiskey. Read More >>