Trump Extends Travel Ban to UK and Ireland, Tests Negative for COVID-19

Now if only he would stop shaking so many people’s hands. Read More >>

Trump Blindsides Google With Announcement That It’s Building a Nationwide U.S. Screening Site [Updated]

During a press conference on Friday to declare the novel coronavirus outbreak a national emergency in the U.S. – “two very big words”, mind you – President Donald Trump and other White House members touted a coronavirus screening website supposedly being developed by Google that would soon be available nationwide. According to Trump, 1,700 Google engineers are working on this project and “they have made tremendous progress” so far. Read More >>

Donald Trump Reportedly Wants to Privatise the International Space Station

It’s been known for some time that the White House has been considering cutting off funding to the International Space Station by 2025 to free up resources for NASA, an agency President Donald Trump wants to send astronauts back to the moon but has also proposed should make do with a shoestring budget. Per the Washington Post, internal documents now show Trump wants to turn the ISS into a “kind of orbiting real estate venture run not by the government, but by private industry.” Read More >>

Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

Internet-fuelled conspiracy theories have plagued US politics over the last year and made voters on both sides of the aisle appear to be reactionary maniacs. But conspiracy theories can also be fun. And the entirely benign saga of red lights flashing in the windows of the second-floor residence of the White House is about as fun as these things get. Read More >>

Rediscovered 1920s Home Videos Are the First to Show the White House in Colour

An archivist working at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library has stumbled upon colour home video taken in the late 1920s by former First Lady Lou Hoover. Incredibly, this is very likely the first colour film to show a US President, the First Lady, and the White House. Read More >>

What Happened to Donald Trump’s Unsecured Tweet Machine?

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on inside the White House these days. Is Jared Kushner still pouting the corner? Probably. Is Kellyanne Conway still putting her feet on the furniture? Surely. Is Trump still eating Big Macs on silver platters while he tweets from an old, unsecured Android phone? Actually, maybe not. Read More >>

The Guy Who Makes Sure Trump Doesn’t Get Hacked No Longer Works at the White House

Remember the recent reports about how President Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone? Well, that situation just got scarier now that the White House’s chief information security officer reportedly no longer has a job. Read More >>

The White House’s New Cyber Chief Has Great Taste in Art 

The White House has named Gregory Touhill to a new role designed to lead the charge against cyber-threats. Touhill will be the first-ever Chief Information Security Officer, the Obama Administration announced, and will lead a team “who have been at the forefront of driving policy and implementation of leading cyber practices across federal agencies”. Read More >>

Obama Wants to Push America’s Power Grid Into The 21st Century

President Barack Obama has been pushing for more alternative energy initiatives during his time in the White House. He pledged to spend more on renewable energy research, attempted to get states to reduce carbon emissions, and even teamed up with perfect head of hair and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to curb greenhouse gas pollution. Thanks, Obama. Read More >>

I Accidentally Found a New JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

I’ve never been one for JFK assassination conspiracy theories. But I do love studying what movies the presidents watched. So while compiling the list of films that President Kennedy viewed while in the White House I was surprised to stumble on what seems like fuel for a new conspiracy theory. How did President Kennedy watch a home movie of his son’s birthday a week after he was killed? Read More >>

The White House is Redirecting Funds From The Fight Against Ebola to Combat Zika

With summer approaching, the risk of a surge in cases of the Zika virus has become a major concern for US officials, and the White House has announced that it would be redirecting money earmarked for Ebola to efforts combating Zika. Read More >>

The US Wants To Use Science Fiction To Settle The Solar System

Earlier this month, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology assembled a strange gathering: scientists, artists, engineers, and policy-makers, for a workshop designed to imagine how humanity could settle the solar system. Read More >>

White House Seeks Approval Over Plans For Fighting Zika

The White House is asking Congress for $1.8 billion (£1.24bn) to combat the Zika virus, both within the United States and abroad. This request is a heartening sign that the Obama administration is taking Zika seriously — but not a sign that the US is bracing itself for a local mass outbreak. Read More >>

Tim Cook Tells White House Snoopers to Wake Up and Back Encryption

Tim Cook tends to get a lot of stick, mainly because he isn’t Steve Jobs, but you have to applaud him for his stance on government snooping. The Apple CEO reportedly chastised anti-encryption White House officials last week over their lack of understanding of online communications and a perceived lack of leadership. Read More >>

The White House to Meet With Silicon Valley Execs to “Disrupt” Islamic State 

Silicon Valley executives will meet with top US government officials in a private meeting tomorrow to eke out better strategies to counter the Islamic State’s (IS) online influence. Read More >>