The White Nexus 4 Is Finally Real

LG just spat out the white Nexus 4. Unfortunately, other than the white skin on the back, there's nothing different about it compared the black version. No Android 4.3, no LTE, no MicroSD slot. Still, it looks pretty in white, although from the front you wouldn't even know it wasn't all-black on the back. Available from May 29th starting in Hong Kong and eventually rolling out to markets world-wide over the next few weeks. Read More >>

Rumour: White Knight Nexus 4 Ushering In Android 4.3 on June 10th

I'm not sure if it's actually better looking in white or not, but apparently Android and Me has one physically in hand. The white Nexus 4 is supposedly a carbon-copy of the black version we know and love, just with a white body and Android 4.3 (no LTE mentioned). Take with a pinch of sodium chloride for now, but surely everyone who's likely to want a Nexus 4 has already bought one? [Android and Me] Read More >>