Study Claims White Noise Can Damage Your Brain, but Don’t Panic

A recent research review suggests that white noise, the soothing, fuzzy soundtrack so many of us rely on to sleep or block out distractions, could actually be dangerous. It argues that exposure to the random, unstructured sounds that make up white noise can alter the brain’s neural connections that help us perceive sound, leaving us at risk of conditions such as tinnitus and even dementia. But there’s reason to be sceptical of some of the authors’ claims. Read More >>

Man’s YouTube Video of White Noise Hit With Five Copyright Claims

Sebastian Tomczak is a music technologist and professor who likes to upload random experiments to YouTube. One of his clips is just 10-hours of white noise that he generated with open source software. Five copyright complaints later, and some vultures are now making money off of his work. Read More >>

Hipster White Noise Generator Simulates Working in a Crowded Coffee Shop

Do you find it easier to work with the din of a bustling coffee shop all around you, but would rather not deal with the guilt of not actually buying coffee for hours on end? A new website called Hipster Noise can simulate the sounds of a busy Starbucks, but from the lazy comfort of your home office. Read More >>

What Kind of Smart Device Would You Actually Want to Wear?

The first Apple Watch reviews are in, and the consensus appears to be a resounding “meh”. So let’s think outside the box and design an even sweeter smart device, right here, right now. What’s the wearable of your dreams? Read More >>

Do You Even Torrent?

With the news that the “Netflix for torrents,” PopcornTime, is sneaking past the Apple Iron Shield, I’ve got to ask: with our newfound abundance of free, ad-supported and paid streaming services, who is torrenting these days? And what are you torrenting for? Read More >>

How Did You Prepare For Y2K?

We live in a world obsessed with the threat of terrorism. But fifteen years ago, the media was in constant hysterics over Y2K, or "the Millennium bug". A real coding error that required lots of fixing, Y2K also provoked widespread paranoia and survivalist tactics that anticipated the end of the world. What were you up to? Read More >>