We Were All Free of Facebook’s Iron Grip on the Internet for a Few Hours

Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp experienced widespread outages on Sunday for the second time in the past month (and the third time this year), with issues reported starting at around 11am BST and extending until around 2pm. Read More >>

The First Wave of Lego Steamboat Willie Boxes Have a Misprint

Earlier this week Lego announced that it was releasing its brickified version of Steamboat Willie on 1st April, for the slightly hefty price of £80. It's suspiciously fast for a Lego Ideas set that was only announced last month, and that might explain why there's a mistake on the box art. Read More >>

£280 million Goes Missing From Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

Through means currently unknown, approximately 500 million NEM tokens were exfiltrated from leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, valued at approximately £280 million. Bloomberg reports that, aside from Bitcoin, all trading on the platform has been suspended. Read More >>

Report: All Intel Processors Made in the Last Decade Might Have a Massive Security Flaw

There’s small screwups and big screwups. Here is tremendously huge screwup: Virtually all Intel processors produced in the last decade have a major security hole that could allow “normal user programs—from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers—to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas,” the Register reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Amazon Sells Out of 1984 as America Decides to Read a Book for Once

George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 occupied the number one spot on Amazon US’s best-selling books list yesterday, where it remains today. A cautionary tale about a brutal, amoral dictator has evidently felt relevant to people lately. But as of today, Amazon—the world’s largest bookseller—is unable to keep up with demand. Read More >>

Latest Update Bricks Some Apple Watches

Whoops. The latest software update for the Apple Watch bricked the device for some users. Even worse? It looks like the only way to really fix the problem is to return the Apple Watch to the Apple Store. Read More >>

The Wright Brothers’ Plane Patent Was Misplaced for 36 Years

The patent for the Wright Brothers’ “flying machine,” the invention that gave birth to modern aviation as we know it, was returned to the National Archives earlier this week. What’s strange is that it was never missing in the first place. Read More >>

Whoops! Adobe’s ID Services Have Been Offline all Day

We're getting reports that Adobe's ID services have been offline for nearly a day—which seems pretty excessive! Twitter, naturally, is less than pleased. So tell us, dear readers, have you been having problems logging into Adobe products? Read More >>

Whoops! Zuckerberg’s Email Address Revealed to the World

Really good stuff coming out of this Facebook developer conference. Read More >>

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This is Why You Should Always Use the Emergency Brake

Thank god for security cameras. Otherwise, we might never have been able to bear witness to this incredible scene of a FedEx delivery gone horrible wrong. Read More >>

Always Clear the Porn From Your Browser History Before Going on TV

Someone over in the production department at Chicago's WGN news station is apparently learning about internet best practices the hard way today. This very unlucky employee managed to get their little Pornhub Mobile habit splashed all over the local news—and naturally, the internet took notice. Read More >>

“Worlds’ Oldest Diamonds” Turned Out to Be Leftover Cleaning Supplies

Back in 2007, scientists found evidence of our planet's first continents in the form of 4.3 billion year old diamonds—old as the very Earth itself. And these diamonds were finally going to give us the insight into the evolution of Earth's crust that we've been searching for. Now, six years later, there's just one little problem: Those tiny gems? Actually tiny leftover bits of polishing grit. Whoops. Read More >>

‘Death Ray’ Architect Speaks Out About His Car Melting Skyscraper

London made headlines this week for a uniquely modern phenomenon; the city's newest skyscraper is reflecting the sun into an insanely powerful 'death ray' that can start fires and fry eggs. Now, the building's architect has spoken out: "We made a lot of mistakes with this building, and we will take care of it." Read More >>