This Condom for Your AirPods is Totally Unnecessary

AirPods, Apple’s tiny wireless headphones, still aren’t in stock most places, and online orders still take six weeks to arrive, but that hasn’t stopped the third-party accessory market from piling on with unnecessary gadgets. Read More >>

Here Are the Insane Weapons the TSA Confiscated in 2016

You might be surprised to learn that people try to bring loaded guns through TSA checkpoints. In reality, however, thousands of people try to do it every year. Read More >>

Massive Drone Carries CNN Employee Into the Sky for a Ludicrous Ad

Casey Neistat was a vlogger. Now, he lives among the clouds. Read More >>

This is a £197 Lube Dispenser

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to get intimate and you need some lube, but it’s cold and that totally ruins the sexy vibe you’re going for. And that’s why you can buy lube and lotion warmers for about £20. Or you can pay 10x as much for one that’s a bit prettier. Read More >>

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We Couldn’t Find Any Pumpkin Spice Energy Drinks So We Made Our Own

It’s October. Which means that one friend of mine just had her birthday, and that other friend had a half birthday. Also, it means everyone is knee deep in autumnal colours and pumpkin spice frippery. Why? Because pumpkin spice is the order of the season, and because we’re all exhausted writers who never met an caffeinated drink we wouldn’t chug. Read More >>