EE Wi-Fi Calling Disables Apple Continuity on iPhones

Yesterday we broke the news that Apple had beaten Samsung and Microsoft to the punch with the iOS 8.3 update bringing EE's Wi-Fi Calling service to iPhones last night, two days ahead of when it hits Galaxies S6 and S6 Edge. Read More >>

Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 Update and Beats Samsung to EE’s Wi-Fi Calling (Updated)

Apple's iOS 8.3 update has gone live to the iPhone and iPad masses from 6pm this evening. It rolls out CarPlay connectivity, more diverse emojis (check out those thumbs up top) and, most importantly, a slightly longer keyboard space bar, alongside the standard performance tweakages. Nice, but so far, so typical an OS update. Read More >>

iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Calling On the Way

The new iPhone will support calling over Wi-Fi, and Apple has just confirmed that EE will be the first UK network to support this "great new idea". Read More >>