D-Link’s New 5G Wifi Router Could Let You Say Goodbye to Cable Forever

Unless you spent 2018 living in a cave (which would be 100 per cent justified given the political climate) you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz around the new 5G wireless networks coming online. They not only promise faster internet speeds for mobile devices but wireless internet that’s actually fast enough to completely replace the wired broadband you use at home. With D-Link’s new 5G NR router, all you need is electricity and a SIM card to say goodbye to cable forever. Read More >>

Swansea Gets Free Public Gigabit Wi-Fi

Swansea has been chosen to receive the very latest version of the BT phone box, with the new hardware offering all sorts of modern fun like USB charging, free local and mobile calls, and the chance to test your phone's modem like never before with up to 1Gbps Wi-Fi connections. Read More >>

How to Use Your Smartphone to Diagnose Bad Wi-Fi

Bad wi-fi got you down? You’ve got a host of hardware options that can help you out, from mesh routers to Wi-Fi repeaters, but before you upgrade any setup, do some detective work—with some carefully chosen apps you can work out where your wi-fi network is failing and come up with better possible solutions. Read More >>

The History of Wireless Everything

Halfway between Brooklyn and Montauk, a steel cupola propped up on wooden legs once looked out over the Long Island Sound and beyond the horizon. Built in the first years of the 20th century, Wardenclyffe Tower served as the centrepiece of a real-life mad scientist’s laboratory. Lever pulling, lightning bolts, maniacal laughter—this is where that sort of thing was supposed to happen. And it almost did. Read More >>

BT’s Free Superfast 1GBps Phone Pods Switch on Today

BT has activated the first of a miniature fleet of next-gen phone booths in London today, with the ad-supported pod offering free access to 1GBps internet connections. Read More >>

The New Eero Wi-Fi Routers Bring Glorious Minimalism to Mesh Networking

Eero knocked our socks last year, when the small startup proved that wi-fi routers didn’t need to be ugly, impossible-to-use gadgets. And now, with its second generation of mesh-networking devices, Eero looks like they’ve changed the game again. Not only are the new Eeros faster. They’re ruddy tiny! Read More >>

Scientists are Turning WiFi Routers Into Creepy Radar Cameras

Your Wi-Fi router is probably sitting passively in some corner of your room, beaming out invisible light (and the internet). But it’s also sending information on all the stuff the light passes through and around. It’s essentially carrying a holographic image of the room with it. Read More >>

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How to Get on the Internet When Your Internet is Down

It could be vandalism down at the local green box,  bad weather taking out important infrastructure, a power cut, or your ISP happens to decide you don't deserve internet for a few days. Any way you look at it, when the internet is down your life is effectively on hold until it’s back up again. Read More >>

O2 Joins Wi-Fi and 4G Calling Party

O2 is finally ready to let people make calls through 4G and Wi-Fi connections, as it launches its own take on the coverage-expanding trick that the rest of the UK's mobile networks use. Read More >>

Leaked Sonos PlayBase Actually Has a Chance of Not Sucking

Sonos is getting ready to expand its home cinema lineup, according to multiple leaks that surfaced in the past few days. Photos of a new Sonos product called the “PlayBase” speaker have been featured in a B&H Listing, several tweets, and FCC listing. Base speakers of this kind—which sit directly under a TV—have typically received poor reviews from audio fans, but Sonos’ proprietary sound-tuning software could give this thing hope. Read More >>

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How to Buy the Right Router and Save Your Internet

Your wi-fi is bad. Not the internet itself. Your internet is fine. It’s your wi-fi that leaves you weeping as it cuts off the minute you try to browse from the toilet, or walk down the stairs, or lean just one particular way on your bed. Some part of you has known for a while that you need to upgrade your router so that you can watch Netflix and porn in peace. But a lot has changed since the last time anyone in your home considered forking over cash for a wireless router. Read More >>

£900 Mac Monitor Doesn’t Work Near a Router

A super posh £900 monitor from LG has been infuriating its owners by refusing to work when near a source of Wi-Fi signals, with the display flickering and even turning itself off when placed within two metres of a home router. Read More >>

Police Suggest Wearable “Wi-Fi Jammers” Might be Better Than Prisons

Young people caught doing something bad might soon have to face a terror worse than prison -- a wearable Wi-Fi jammer that blocks all modern fun and sends them back to the 1980s. Read More >>

Oh Sorry, Train Wi-Fi Set to Stay Rubbish For Ever, Says Government

A previous promise by the government to make train delays exciting by improving Wi-Fi connections has been pretty much abandoned, so it's back to a patchwork approach of free and "free" options with only a vague committment to ask transport companies to try to get their speeds up to one megabit a second. Read More >>