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12 Essential iOS Widgets For a More Functional Notification Centre

A few weeks ago we rounded up some eye-catching widgets for your Android device so it's only fair that we spend some time looking at a selection for iOS too, even if widgets aren't quite the same thing on both platforms. All of these apps will add functionality and flexibility and to the Notification Centre on your iOS 8 device, so get busy browsing and installing. Read More >>

Apple is Pulling a Load of the Best iOS Apps

Remember when Apple went after that handy note-taking widget, a popular app that's one the first truly useful widgets for iOS 8? Turns out, Apple's been pulling all kinds of apps that take advantage of new features in iOS 8 — even after they've been approved to be in the App Store. And developers are starting to get pretty upset. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Kill the Only Useful iOS Widget

A couple weeks ago, we were pleased to see the launch of Neato, a handy note-taking widget for iOS 8 that's actually useful. Now, Apple has decided that Neato no longer fits within its App Store guidelines—despite the fact that it had been already been approved. Now Neato must become useless, or die. Read More >>

There’s Now a Game You Can Play Right in iOS 8’s Notification Centre

Now that Apple has finally introduced widgets for iOS 8's Notification Centre, we're starting to see some great ways to quickly access important info on our iPhones. But a few clever developers are pushing those widgets beyond just notifications. A new iOS game called Overglide can actually be played directly from your iPhone or iPad's Notification Screen, without even having to unlock your device. Read More >>

This Note-Taking App is the First iOS Widget That’s Actually Useful

When they were announced, the widgets in iOS 8 sounded like they had huge potential. But then iOS 8 came out and, well, all of the widgets sort of sucked. Until this one. Read More >>

iOS 8 Finally Has Widgets

Yesterday, Apple finally pushed out iOS 8. Unlike last year's refresh, iOS 8 is more about functional tweaks and additions than it is about looks. One of the most useful, and long-awaited features is finally adopting third-party widgets. Read More >>

Rumour: HTC First Might be the New “Facebook Phone”

A prolific Twitter tech spec leaker has published an image of a new smartphone going by the name HTC First, which, according to wild internet speculation we're happy to be part of, may well be the first proper Facebook phone to feature the social network's bespoke mobile software. Read More >>

HTC: Android Users are Pretty Lazy and Don’t Bother Fiddling With Things

In a blog post describing some of the thinking behind the BlinkFeed combo widget that comes as part of its updated HTC Sense skin, HTC made some weird claims about Android users and their supposed lack of interest in actually using the features offered by their smartphones. Read More >>

7 Great Android Apps You Can’t Get on the Kindle Fire

So, Amazon doesn't exactly highlight this, but all of its Kindle Fires are Androids on the inside. Amazon slaps a heavy skin on top, so it's not at all recognisable, but it's Android all the same. Great, so you get access to all of the Android apps, right? Not exactly. Read More >>

Microsoft: Kill All Your Gadgets. Now.

Windows Gadgets users beware, having that little weather indicator or stock ticker on your desktop could allow hackers to hijack your machine. Microsoft's issued a temporary fix that pretty much kills the information-toting widgets. Read More >>

Latest BlackBerry Leak Shows BB10 Widgets and Integrated Video Chat

The previously leaked BlackBerry 10, RIM's all-new phone and OS combo, has once more been exposed, with new images giving us a proper, hands-on look at how RIM's possible future BB will work. Read More >>