You Don’t Need TalkTalk to Get Plume’s Mesh Networking Kit in the UK Anymore

Back in February Plume announced it was bringing its mesh networking kit to the UK, though it would only be available if you went through TalkTalk and had an invitation. That's a silly system, really, so it's a good thing that plan wasn't meant to last. You can actually go out and buy Plume's kit without having to switch internet providers. Read More >>

Virgin Media Launches ‘Intelligent WiFi’ that Fixes Itself

Good news if your broadband is with Virgin Media – it's announced a new series of WiFi updates that allow your network to automatically improve itself. Read More >>

How to Fix Your Awful Wifi

Your wifi sucks, and it’s driving you crazy because every time you want to watch old It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you’re left watching a little loading wheel spin instead of laughing at Charlie’s antics. But don’t freak out. We’re here to help. Read More >>

BT’s Mesh Networking System Is Now Available To All Fibre Customers

BT's own mesh networking product, Complete WiFi, is now available to all BT fibre customers. Previously, it was only available if you had BT Plus, but now anyone with Superfast or Ultrafast fibre can upgrade to ensure they get strong WiFi coverage throughout the house. Read More >>

Why You’ll Still Need Wifi When 5G Is Everywhere, According to the Wi-Fi Alliance

Good news for fans of getting stuff fast—all of us, then—because a new version of wifi is just around the corner. Wi-Fi 6 is going to be better than current wifi in every regard, and the body behind it just published a paper extolling its virtues, emphasising that, yes, we will still need good old wifi internet connections even after 5G arrives. Read More >>

These Are the Best Smart Home Gadgets to Trick Out Your Pad

The first crop of smart home gadgets from a few years ago weren’t actually very smart, but times have changed, and there’s now plenty of good reasons to upgrade your hoover, microwave, and even your sound system, with a bit of AI-enhanced smarts. Read More >>

Starbucks Says It Will Ban People From Viewing Porn in Its Stores by 2019

Starbucks has reportedly decided to pull the plug on viewing explicit imagery in its stores following pressure from an anti-pornography activist group. Read More >>

Mobile Internet Beats Wifi Speeds In These 33 Countries

While you might assume that wifi will always trounce cellular data, a new study shows that in many countries the opposite is true. Mobile analytics firm Open Signal has pitted wifi and mobile internet against each other in 80 countries and found that average mobile download speeds were faster in 33 countries. Read More >>

black friday
Argos Deploys Army of ‘Human Hotspots’ to Trains So People Can Shop Black Friday

Argos is really ramping up its efforts to remind everyone it exists this Black Friday. First we had the shopping shower curtain, which definitely wouldn't be used for more adult purposes, and now we have 'human hotspots' helping people on trains do their shopping. Read More >>

Firm Says Bluetooth Chip Security Flaws Could Expose Enterprise Wifi APs to Attack

Researchers at the security firm Armis announced this week that they discovered two serious chip-level vulnerabilities that could potentially put “millions” of enterprise access points at risk. Namely, the security flaw could allow hackers to gain access to networks completely undetected. Read More >>

Wi-Fi 6 Is Coming, and Here’s Why You Should Care

Get ready for the next generation of wifi technology: Wi-fi 6 (for so it is named) is going to be appearing on devices from next year. But will you have to throw out your old router and get a new one? And is this going to make your Netflix run faster? Here’s everything you need to know about the new standard. Read More >>

Teen Burglar Breaks Into Home, Asks Sleeping Couple for Wifi

Police say a couple in their 60s based in the US state of California woke up in their bedroom around midnight last Saturday to find someone looming above them wearing a mask, or possibly a black T-shirt covering their face. The intruder asked for their wifi password. Read More >>

The Wi-Fi Alliance Wants to Make Building a Mesh Network Simpler Than Ever

Earlier this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced what everyone’s been waiting for since the world fell in love with mesh networking devices: Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh, a shared standard for extending wifi coverage with multiple routers. Should manufacturers adopt the standard, soon you’ll be able to grab any router supporting EasyMesh and have it expand your network coverage pretty seamlessly. Read More >>

I’m Struggling to Believe This Report of an Apple AR/VR Headset Coming in 2020

Apple has stumbled in its efforts to win the voice computing wars, and it’s pretty far behind its competitors in the virtual reality/mixed reality field. But if a new report is true, Apple is aiming to have a headset ready by 2020 that goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Take this all with a large grain of salt. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Apple’s AirPort Routers, For Real This Time

In a move that has been expected for nearly two years now, Apple is finally officially killing off its line of AirPort wireless routers, according to a report from 9to5Mac. Read More >>