Wikipedia Goes Dark Across Europe, Middle East After DDOS Attack

Wikipedia went offline Friday afternoon and into Saturday morning after a cyber attack forced an international shutdown. The outage affected millions of users across Europe and in parts of the Middle East. Read More >>

North Face Apologises for Showing Us the Future of Marketing

This week The North Face pulled off a clever marketing stunt that continues to deliver. Even following the company’s retraction and apology, the glittering underhandedness of the campaign will inspire marketing scum for generations. Read More >>

European Wikipedia Pages Go Dark to Protest Copyright Changes

Wikipedia seems to stop working more than a train driver with a good union -- the site knows exactly how much we all use it, and has no qualms about pulling the plug when there's something it wants us to pay attention to. Read More >>

Wikipedia Editors Fight Over Whether to Include Donald Trump’s Bits in Article About Nintendo’s Toad

Wikipedia is the place where we turn for information on topics large and small. And speaking of small, there’s currently a heated debate going on about whether to include the American president’s penis on the Wikipedia page for the Nintendo character known as Toad. What a time to be alive. Read More >>

Wikipedia Italy Blocks All Articles in Protest of EU’s Ruinous Copyright Proposals

Last month, members of European Parliament voted to move forward with a sweeping overhaul of the European Union’s copyright laws that critics say will impede the spread of news, kill memes, bolster tech giants, and stifle innovation. Ahead of the final vote this week, Wikipedia Italy has joined protests across the continent by blocking users from viewing its pages. Read More >>

Wikipedia Had No Idea YouTube Was Going to Use It to Fact-Check Conspiracy Theories

On Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the company had a new strategy to deal with conspiracy theories on the platform: dropping a handy Wikipedia link beneath videos on highly contested topics. And it looks like Wikipedia learned about this curious strategy at the same time as everyone else. Read More >>

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Bots on Wikipedia Wage Edit Wars Between Themselves That Last For Years

Revision wars on Wikipedia amongst human editors is an all-too-common occurrence, but new research from the UK shows that similar online battles are being waged between the site’s software robots. Read More >>

List of Dead Famous People is 2016’s Most Edited Wikipedia Page

The Wikimedia Foundation has put together a list feature all about itself, revealing the most heavily edited Wikipedia pages of 2016. Unsurprisingly, the list of the famous dead of 2016 topped the chart, with more than twice as many page edits as the second placed article. Read More >>

On Wikipedia, Pokémon Go Is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible

My kids aren’t playing Pokémon Go yet, but the older one had heard enough about it that he started reading up about it. When I looked at the screen after he’d been on the computer, I encountered this incredible wall of text: Read More >>

Is 2016 Really a Bizarrely Bad Year for Celebrity Deaths? Here’s the Data to Prove It

2016 has not been a good year to be a celebrity. Since the start of the year it has felt like every few days we lose another big name. David Bowie died on January 10th, and Alan Rickman followed him less than a week later. Since, we’ve lost Terry Wogan, Keith Emerson, Sir George Martin, Nancy Reagan, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood and most recently Prince, and countless others. Even Admiral Ackbar himself, Erik Bauersfeld, passed away. It makes you wonder… is there something weird going on? Read More >>

Wikipedia is Basically a Corporate Bureaucracy, According to a New Study

Wikipedia is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the noble goal of decentralised knowledge creation. But as the community has evolved over time, it has wandered further and further from its early egalitarian ideals, according to a new paper published in the journal Future Internet. In fact, such systems usually end up looking a lot like 20th-century bureaucracies. Read More >>

Oxford and Cambridge Top List of Wikipedia-Influential Universities

There are many ways to judge the quality of a university: the results of its students, the research it produces, perhaps even the number of Nobel prizes it boasts. But how about using Wikipedia citations instead? Read More >>

A Quick Wikipedia Edit is the Easiest Way to Get Backstage Gig Passes

The mythical green room, where superstar pop and rock groups let off steam after gigs, full of servants separating brown M&Ms from coloured ones, and where cock-rockers find worrying new uses for red snappers, has long been a gated place of pilgrimage for mega fans, fawning over security guards as they try to blag a backstage pass to meet their heroes. Read More >>

English Wikipedia Just Broke Five Million Posts Published

After fifteen years of providing 11th-hour copy+paste material for students, the English-language version of Wikipedia has just hit a milestone: five million articles. Read More >>

This Beautiful Timeline Lets Your Explore Wikipedia’s World History

This amazing visualisation brings together the world’s history from Wikipedia into an interactive timeline stuffed with information and images. If only history lessons at school had been this much fun. Read More >>