Our Planet Suffered a ‘Catastrophic’ Loss of Wilderness in Just Two Decades

A disturbing new report shows that 1.3 million square miles of the Earth’s wilderness has been lost since the 1990s; that's an area half the size of Australia. The researchers say this “catastrophic loss” highlights the need for an international agreement to protect our planet’s invaluable forests. Read More >>

Researchers’ Attempt to Find Even One Spot on Earth Untouched by Man Fails

An exhaustive attempt by researchers to find a single untouched space on planet Earth has yielded no results. Sorry, folks, everything is ruined now. Read More >>

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Making a Bow and Arrow Without Any Tools Is Damned Impressive

There’s no such thing as useless knowledge—only knowledge that relies on very specific situations. Which is why, in the event of a horrible Mad Max future, you might want to learn how to make a bow and arrow using no modern tools whatsoever. Read More >>

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A Breathtaking View of the World’s Oldest River System

West Virginia is probably best known for coal mines, followed closely by pepperoni rolls. You know aspect of the state doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Its absolutely breathtaking scenery. Read More >>

These Photos Will Make You Want to Drop Everything and Explore the World

Nicholas Roemmelt’s photography is enough to make any person whose day job involves a computer and a desk question his or her life choices. In addition to shooting just plain stunning photos of nature, he sometimes makes us extra envious of his adventures by adding himself or his wife to a jaw-droppingly beautiful landscape. Read More >>