An Intense Heat Wave Has Fire Danger Rising Again in Australia

Australia just can’t seem to catch a break. The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather update Thursday noting that the current heat wave that began on the northwestern part of the continent last week is making its way southeast, toward the region where the bushfires continue to burn. Read More >>

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When All the Forests Burn

Nature offers us some of the most sophisticated technology there is. While scientists and engineers continue to scratch their heads trying to figure out how to develop ways to effectively capture our carbon, trees already cracked the code. They’ve been absorbing carbon forever, man. So have other kinds of flora. Grasslands, wetlands and even underwater kelp forests pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in, well, themselves. Read More >>

Firefighters Save Australia’s Endangered ‘Dinosaur Trees’ From Raging Bushfires

The Wollemi Pines in Australia are like nothing else in the world. These so-called “dinosaur trees” live in northwest Sydney, and they were extremely close to being burned over and lost forever. In a rare victory among all the Very Sad News coming out of the Australian bushfires, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service managed to save these centuries-old trees. Read More >>

Wildfires Have Absolutely Ravaged Australia’s Cherished Kangaroo Island

Approximately one-third of Australia’s Kangaroo Island has been torched by recent wildfires, as new satellite photos reveal. Given the island’s ecological importance, it’s a tragedy for the ages. Read More >>

Australia’s Bushfire Smoke Now Rings the Globe

Earlier this week, Australia’s bushfire smoke crossed the Pacific. A 7,000-mile train of smoke is pretty damn bad, and yet somehow things have gotten more alarming. Read More >>

Smoke From Australia’s Horrific Wildfires, as Seen From Space

Significant portions of Australia’s southeast coast are completely blanketed in thick smoke, as revealed by these upsetting new satellite images. Read More >>

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Australia Just Went Through Its Hottest Year on Record

Another year, another heat record broken. Australia entered the new year breaking its heat record in 2019. Last year was 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the historical average since 1910, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Read More >>

ExxonMobil Wishes Australia a ‘Fun’ New Year as Country Burns in Climate Crisis

ExxonMobil sent out a heartwarming tweet yesterday, wishing the good people of Australia a “safe” and “fun” New Year. Well, maybe heartwarming isn’t the right word. Perhaps “idiotic” is more appropriate, given the fact that large parts of Australia are currently on fire thanks in part to ExxonMobil’s history of climate change denial. Read More >>

Bushfires Still Ravaging Australia, With Thousands Reportedly Fleeing to Beaches in Victoria State

The ongoing Australian bushfire crisis has forced thousands of people in the southeast part of the country to flee towards waterfronts, Bloomberg reported, with an estimated 4,000-5,000 individuals in Mallacoota in Victoria state sheltering on beaches and piers as flames swept in on Tuesday. Read More >>

2019 Was a Horror-Show Year for Weather

Violent weather has become one of the hallmarks of modern life as climate change pushes our planet into a new, more volatile state. And unfortunately, 2019 was a painful reminder of that. Read More >>

Australia’s Terrifying Bushfires Are Turning New Zealand Glaciers Pink

For weeks now, Australia has been dealing with severe bushfires. They’ve engulfed the country’s largest city in smoke, threatening air quality throughout New South Wales and destroying key koala habitat. In New South Wales alone, more than 100 bush and grassfires were burning as of Friday. Read More >>

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Meet the Scientists Who Play With Fire

This story was produced in partnership with Atlas Obscura. Read More >>

Beloved Koala Famous for Viral Rescue Has Been Put Down

The inferno that’s ripped through thousands of square miles of Australia has, as of the start of this week, reportedly claimed six lives, around 600 homes, millions of acres of forest, and koalas en masse. Now we’ve lost another baby, whose rescue uplifted social media for a fleeting moment and whose death quashes joy. Read More >>

People and Dogs Unite to Save Koalas From Australia’s Horrific Bush Fires

The past few weeks of bush fires have created a nightmare in Australia. Smoke has clogged the Sydney skyline, and state governments have issued terrifying warnings essentially urging residents to flee or risk death. Read More >>

Sydney Choked in Smoke as Wildfires Rage in New South Wales

The city of Sydney – Australia’s most populous and the capital of New South Wales (NSW) state – was swathed in thick smoke on Tuesday morning amid more than 50 bushfires on the state’s east coast, the Guardian reported. Read More >>