A Tit, an Owl, and Some Parakeets: Winning Pics From the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards

Photographing wildlife takes a special combination of patience and talent. Birds make the task even more difficult, since they are experts at flying away and disappearing into tall trees. Read More >>

Here Are the Best Wildlife Photos of 2017

The Natural History Museum of London has announced the winners of the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. Highlights of this year include bioluminescent termite mounds, hoards of giant spider crabs, a juvenile gorilla lounging on the forest floor—and an absolutely heartbreaking image of a poached black rhino. Read More >>

13 Sensational Camera Trap Photos of African Animals At Night

Will Burrard-Lucas likes to photograph unsuspecting African animals with strategically placed camera traps. For his latest project, the wildlife photographer sought to capture images of nocturnal animals as they conduct their affairs at night, and the results are spectacular. Read More >>

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These Award-Winning Underwater Photographs Are Dazzling

It’s often said that we know less about the deep ocean than we do about the surface of Mars. Looking at the 2016 winners of the Underwater Photography Contest, I can’t help but agree. Life beneath the sea is as alien and entrancing as any ancient, dust-blown crater on the Red Planet. Read More >>

This Year’s Best Press Photos Are Absolutely Electrifying

The winners of the 59th annual World Press Photo contest have been announced. Ranging from the Syrian refugee crisis and China’s Tianjin explosion to the wild orangutans of Borneo, these are the best that the year of photojournalism had to offer. They are all amazing. Read More >>