Pine Martens Side with Red Squirrels in Battle for UK Treetops

The poor little besieged UK red squirrel could have an animal ally in the form of the pine marten, thanks to scientists discovering that the marten – a predator of both red and grey flavours of squirrel – is better at hunting out and eating the often hated greys. Read More >>

Australia’s Bushfires Brought 113 Species Closer to Extinction

Australia has been through the wringer this year. The disastrous bushfire season has led to a dramatic increase in carbon emissions, crazy conspiracy theories, firefighter deaths, some billions of dollars in damage, and the heartbreaking loss of more than a billion animals. A new report shows how more a hundred species on the continent are in peril as a result of these devastating fires. Read More >>

Camden Town Brewery is Selling Hedgehog Pubs to Lure the Critters in During Harsh Winter Months

If you want to do your bit in preserving British wildlife without the rigmarole of going out slug-spotting at night, get yourself a hedgehog pub for your garden, so they can kick back and hibernate. Read More >>

National Trust Outsources Flood Management to Beavers

A pair of Eurasian beavers have been given their instructions and released on the edges of Exmoor, with estate managers hoping they do their usual thing and work wonders for the local wetland habitat. Read More >>

Volunteers Needed to Look for Slugs So We Know How Many of the Buggers There Are

No, this isn't to keep a note of their ranks so that we're prepared should they ever sprout legs and declare war on salt. Read More >>

An Estimated 1.25 Billion Animals Have Perished in Australia’s Bushfires

Australia’s bushfires have no shortage of horror stats. The blazes have burned 26.4 million acres. The smoke has travelled more than 7,000 miles. They were sparked following Australia’s hottest year ever recorded. Read More >>

Bolivia’s Forest Fires Have Left More Than 2 Million Animals Dead

Not all animals can escape when fire comes burning through the forest. In Bolivia, millions of animals are likely dead as a result of the raging forest fires that continue to burn across the region, including the Amazon. Read More >>

Scottish Sea Eagles Rehomed on the South Coast

A few descendants of the Norwegian sea eagles reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s are about to be rehoused 500 miles or so further south, as a plan to repopulate the south coast of England with the massive white-tailed raptors has seen the first six birds released to find new homes on and around the Isle of Wight. Read More >>

Local Councils Are Planting Wildflowers on Roadsides as Part of a Campaign to Restore the Countryside

If you've been noticing roundabout and roadside patches of grass looking prettier than usual, you're not the only one. It's part of a nationwide effort to restore the UK's dwindling wildflower meadows. Read More >>

New Road Signs Aim to Stop You Running Down Half the Cast of Animals of Farthing Wood

The department for transport has announced the introduction of a new road sign to stop you running over hedgehog-sized animals to combat their dwindling numbers. And to keep you safe, of course. Read More >>

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Watch Five Cheetahs Take Down a Wildebeest in a Heart-Pounding Exclusive Clip From Our Planet

The premise of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, is to include humans in the story of Earth. It’s a radically simple concept, and one that makes sense given our increasingly major role in shaping the natural world. But at the end of the day, any David Attenborough-voiced documentary worth its salt better deliver the goods of stunning wildlife footage, too. Read More >>

How We Turned Gulls Into Trash Birds

For most of his life, British author and BBC radio producer Tim Dee has been a birdwatcher. But it’s not finches and sparrows that have captured his heart—it’s gulls, those large, squawking sea birds with a fondness for discarded chips. While many of us think of gulls as little more than flying rats, Dee is loves to study gull behaviour in landfills across Britain. He also helps to net and ring them for scientific research. Read More >>

Mountain Lion Attacks Runner in Colorado, Runner Strangles It to Death

An unidentified man who was running on Horsetooth Mountain Open Space’s West Ridge Trail in Colorado, USA had a nasty encounter on with a juvenile cougar on Monday, which ended with the runner wounded and the animal strangled to death, the Coloradoan reported this week. Read More >>

Massive Lego Cats Are Coming To Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has unveiled its programme of activities for 2019, and it includes some badass Lego tigers. Read More >>

Scientists Want to Eavesdrop on Tropical Forests to Save Them From Annihilation

Seeing the forest through the trees is so 2018. In the coming years, ecologists are planning to do a lot more listening through the trees in an effort to get a better handle on forest health. Read More >>