So Will Smith Doesn’t Exactly *Sing* in Aladdin, But It Works

When it comes to Aladdin songs, “Friend Like Me” is the showstopper. Sure, “A Whole New World” is beautiful and “Prince Ali” is catchy, but it’s that big, intro song sung by the genie that sticks in your head the most. So when the lights went down at CinemaCon 2019 and “Friend Like Me” from Guy Ritchie’s upcoming live-action remake played, it was kind of a make it or break it moment. Read More >>

Even Will Smith Seems Sick of Nostalgic Sequels

It feels like every beloved action, comedy, or action-comedy franchise is getting rebooted with new series and sequels. Jurassic ParkSpider-Man, and, of course, Independence Day. In a way, it makes sense. As Will Smith has pointed out, we love nostalgia. But it turns out, that’s exactly why he stayed away. Read More >>

MTV Botched up its Prince Tribute by Accidentally Playing The Fresh Prince

Come on guys, you had one job. MTV screwed up its tribute to the fabulous Prince last night by, well, cutting a few corners with its scheduling. The channel dropped all of its scheduled programming to play an all-day Prince marathon, but allowed this little number to creep in. Read More >>

Will Smith Was Upset When He Found Out His Independence Day Character Was Officially Dead

Will Smith has confirmed he’s just like us regular folk, getting upset when fictional characters get the chop. In his case, however, it’s a character he’s played. The all-round cool guy who apparently doesn’t age has revealed he wasn’t best pleased when he found out that Independence Day's Colonel Steven Hiller died in 2007 while testing a 'Hybrid Fighter. That's the official reason for his absence from Independence Day: Resurgence, as explained on War of 1996. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Run the Fresh Prince Theme Song Through Google Translate 26 Times?

Sometimes Google Translate doesn't get it quite right. To illustrate that point in the most outlandish way possible, CDZA took the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, crunched it through Google Translate for all 26 supported languages, then took it back to English. Read More >>