Teen Who ‘Discovered’ Lost Maya City Says Scientists Are Jealous

Last month, Canadian teen William Gadoury created a sensation by claiming to have discovered a lost Maya city using star maps. Experts said it was utter nonsense and quickly shrugged it off. Gadoury has now spoken to National Geographic, and it’s clear the teen is not backing down. Read More >>

Parts of That ‘Lost Maya City’ Might Actually Be a Marijuana Farm

In a story that keeps on getting weirder, a scientist familiar with the Mexican region where a Canadian teen claims to have discovered a lost Mayan settlement says at least one of these features is either an abandoned cornfield—or a marijuana operation. Read More >>

Experts Doubt That a Teen Found a Lost Mayan City

A Canadian teen says he discovered a lost Mayan city using ancient star maps and satellite images provided by NASA and Google. As the remarkable story went viral yesterday, a number of experts spoke out, saying it’s highly unlikely that these features are those of a forgotten Mayan settlement. Read More >>

Teen Discovers Lost Mayan City Using Ancient Star Maps

Using an unprecedented technique of matching stars to the locations of temples on Earth, a 15-year-old Canadian student says he’s discovered a forgotten Maya city in Central America. Images from space suggest he may actually be onto something. Read More >>