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The Beautifully Dull Paradox of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago a landmark moment in Star Trek’s history arrived, in the form of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It’s an important chapter in the series’ survival, the turning point from cancelled cult classic to enduring icon of science fiction. But there is a reason we remember The Motion Picture’s place in history more than we remember The Motion Picture: It’s boring as all hell. Read More >>

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Our First Look at What Feels Like the First Star Trek Action Figures in Ages

There’s plenty of Trek merchandise out there, from giant ship replicas, to fancy dolls, to actual meme statuettes. But for honest to god action figures, it feels like it’s been years since there’s been a line of Starfleet’s finest small enough to command your valuable desk space. That’s finally changing thanks to McFarlane Toys. Read More >>

William Shatner Responds to Flat Earthers Using His Image to Promote Their Stupid Ideas

One-time Star Trek star William Shatner wants you to know that he does not support Flat Earth thinking. Read More >>

William Shatner Wants a 50th Anniversary Musical Star Trek Tribute

The original Captain Kirk would like to see some interest in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first screening of Star Trek next year, but despite some interest in a musical version (?) nothing much is happening. Read More >>

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This App Makes Your iPhone Recite Some Custom Shatner-esque Poetry

Surely you are well-acquinted with Mr. William Shatner’s fantastic spoken-word work. If you aren’t, you should be. If that’s your jam—and it should be—the new Shatoetry appwill let you create some of your own, using the Cap’n Kirk’s iconic voice. Read More >>

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Watch Star Trek’s Captain Kirk or Wesley Crusher Explain NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s Epic Mars Landing

NASA's managed to score two sci-fi legends, William Shatner and Wil Wheaton, to explain what's going to happen on August 6th when NASA's biggest ever Mars rover meets the Red Planet. The incredible feat will see Curiosity slow from more than 12,000mph to landing using parachutes, jets and a winch -- surely there was a simpler way? Read More >>

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William Shatner Is Here to Comfort You Through Facebook Unfriending

Facebook and William Shatner—perhaps the two greatest national treasures our society has ever produced, together in one video. Kirk's here to help you through an experience of universal anguish: the moment you realise you've been Facebook-unfriended. Read More >>