ai Join the Smart Assistant Business With Music Centric ‘Omega’ is very keen on technology. In the past he said how much he wants to be like Bill Gates of Steve Jobs, and from the sounds of things he isn't going to be giving up on his dreams of tech dominance. No matter how many rubbish gadgets he produces, and how few people buy them. Well he's back with something new, a virtual assistant designed to take on the likes of Alexa and Google, called Omega. Read More >>

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Oh Shit, Could Soon Be in Charge of Your Smart Home has had a hard time breaking into the tech market. In his latest entrepreneurial venture, he’s jumping into the smart home game. What could go wrong? Read More >>

gadgets Is Back With Another Terrible Gadget

Noted gadget-liker has yet another new product for us: Bluetooth headphones with a preposterous name. Read More >>

Let Us Count Some Reasons Why You Won’t Want’s New Headphones has a chequered history of making pieces of consumer technology that nobody really wants. Now you can add to that list a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Read More >>

gadgets Thinks We’re Idiots, Makes Another Smartwatch

When launched the Puls smartwatch/bangle/jewellery thing in 2014, it was so bad, we were actually kind of impressed. (Let’s also not forget the musician’s disaster of a smartphone case, foto.sosho.) But is trying again. Read More >>

Meet Puls,’s Gigantic Wearable Cuff

We first heard about's foray into the world of smartwatch-esque wearables back in April, but we had… questions. What was that mysterious cuff on his wrist? And could it really do all the things he promised? Today he unveiled the Puls. Welcome to fashionology, people. Read More >>

smartwatches Says His Amazing Smartwatch is Totally Real, Coming in July

Musician/Intel employee/iPhone accessoriser appeared with Alan Carr yesterday showing off his self-produced smartwatch, which he says has completely replaced his phone. If we're to believe everything we see on TV, it's pretty impressive. Read More >>