Has Hubble Detected Rogue Clumps of Dark Matter?

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered evidence of small clumps of dark matter warping the light from distant quasars. Read More >>

Trump Was Instructed Not to Delete Tweets Illegally

Remember the day after the inauguration? Okay, we were hungover, too, but do you remember how Trump violated federal records-keeping laws by illegally deleting his tweets? Turns out, the National Archives also heard about that and took action. Read More >>

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This £1B+ Cosmic Ray Detector Is Unravelling the Secrets of the Universe

Finding the Higgs Boson particle is a revolutionary scientific discovery, sure, but CERN isn't the only scientific body rewriting our understanding of elementary physics. An international team of researchers have just announced that the massive cosmic ray detector protruding from the ISS may have at long last detected dark matter. Read More >>