Winamp 2 Has Been Immortalised in HTML5 for Your Pleasure

Winamp disappeared into obscurity, died, then came back to life. But with such a turbulent history, it pays to make sure that the iconic piece of software lives on. Good job a working version of it's been immortalised in HMTL5, then. Read More >>

Winamp Review: Still Surprisingly Rad

Winamp died! And then it came back! So since this classic from days-gone-by has been resurrected, we thought we'd give it another look to see how its reanimated corpse holds up in modern times. You might be surprised how much you can still love a zombie. Read More >>

Winamp’s Not Dead After All!

Last month, Winamp sauntered up to the brink of death, but now it's back. Thanks to a first rumored and now confirmed acquisition by digital audio business Radionomy, both Winamp and Shoutcast will live on. Read More >>

An Ode to Winamp

Today's the day. Winamp is officially kicking the bucket. Well the day it was supposed to, but maybe not? Either way, the peppy little player that really whips the llama's ass has been fading into obscurity for years now, and on (probably) the day of its final demise, let's reflect. Read More >>

Meet Spotiamp, the Lovechild of Spotify and Winamp

Ah, nicely played Spotify -- with digital music veterans waxing lyrical recently over the (apparent) demise of Winamp, the streaming service has swooped in and popped out Spotiamp, a lightweight Windows app in the style of Winamp for streaming all your Spotify playlists through. Read More >>

Stop That Coffin! Winamp May Live On

Despite AOL announcing that Winamp was to be put out of its misery on December 20th, TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft is in talks to buy it! It may yet live another day. Read More >>

RIP Winamp, We Once Knew Ye So Well

After celebrating its 15th birthday last year, AOL-owned Winamp announced today that it will be shutting its doors on December 20. Pour one out for everybody's favourite forgotten MP3 player. [Ars] Read More >>

How Winamp Disappeared Into Obscurity

This year marks the 15th birthday of Winamp. During that time it went from being a must-have piece of software to languishing in complete obscurity. But where did it all go wrong? Read More >>