Trump’s Goons Now Forced to Say They Have No Idea Whether Wind Turbines Cause Cancer

Last night at a Republican fundraiser in DC, Donald Trump claimed that wind turbines cause cancer with the citation, “They say the noise causes cancer.” This may be because the president has a grudge against wind power because he thought it would spoil the view from one of his golf courses in Scotland or it might just be because he is a complete and total idiot, but it is a patently ridiculous claim that it would be more or less a total waste of our time to debunk. Read More >>

Donald Trump Wants to Save Scottish Coastal Beauty by Screwing Over Wind Farms

Like a horrible uncle no longer satisfied with terrorising his own immediate family, potential future US Republican party leader Donald Trump has decided to bring his famous wit and charm to British shores. Read More >>

Australia’s Prime Minister is Hell Bent on Scrapping Clean Energy

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott seems determined to push his country back decades on environmental policy. In his latest scheme, Abbot has ordered Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop investing in wind and small-scale solar energy. Read More >>

Denmark’s Wind Energy Output Just Exceeded National Demand

When it comes to renewable energy, Denmark is officially kicking ass. Yesterday, Denmark’s wind farms produced 116% of national electricity demands, allowing the country to export power to Norway, German, and Sweden. According to The Guardian, that figure had risen to 140% by early Friday morning. Read More >>

Denmark Just Set a Major World Record for Wind Energy 

There's been plenty of criticism of wind power over the past few years, as adoption grows and potential side effects emerge. That hasn't stopped energy progressive Denmark, which set a world record by generating a huge 39 per cent of its electricity via wind in 2014. Read More >>

Oh Hey, Ikea Bought Another Giant Wind Farm

Back in March, we learned Ikea had purchased an Illinois wind farm big enough to power all its US stores. Well, that was small potatoes. Today the company announced its largest investment in renewables ever: the acquisition of a much larger wind farm in Texas. Read More >>

Facebook’s Wind-Powered Data Centre is Now Processing Your Posts

Facebook's first data centre powered solely by renewable energy is now in operation in Altoona, Iowa. The centre was expected to open in 2015, so it's ahead of schedule. Read More >>

The Plan to Store Wind Energy in Giant Underwater Air Bubbles

Weather is annoyingly fickle, and so is the wind. If massive offshore wind farms are going to become reality, we need better ways to store the extra energy from windy days for the windless ones. One a bizarre-sounding idea floating around: giant balloons of compressed air stored deep underwater. Read More >>

How Britain’s Wind Turbine Controversy Blows Oop Narth

Energy production always manages to cause a great deal of tension in this country, and certain people in power are even trying their very best to get on-shore wind farms banned. I live in Rochdale, which is roughly ten miles north of Manchester, the home of the largest on-shore wind farm in the country – Scout Moor. Read More >>

Facebook’s Giant New Data Centre Will Be Powered By Wind Alone

In a post today on Facebook, the company's Data Centre Energy Manager Vincent Van Son announced that its new data centre in Iowa will be powered solely by wind energy. That's right: Our insatiable hunger for online validation is indirectly helping to develop sustainable energy. Read More >>

A Dragonfly-Inspired Wind Turbine That’s Designed For Your Back Garden

As wind energy has expanded over the years, engineers have raced to build larger and larger turbines, designed to take advantage of as much wind as possible. But the architect Renzo Piano and an energy company in Italy are trying to make a smaller turbine, one that's suitable for the average garden. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Blades Are So Long Their Tips Spin at 180 MPH

For off-shore wind farms to become an economically feasible alternative energy source, each turbine needs to be big. Like, really big. That's why the latest turbine blade from Siemens is gigantic—just a hair shorter than the wingspan of an Airbus 380. Read More >>