A Wind Turbine With Flapping Wings Might Be Quieter and Safer For Birds

Unless they’ve got stake in a big oil company, the most common reasons people have for opposing the installation of wind turbines is the noise pollution and the risk they pose to birds. But a radically redesigned turbine with flapping wings instead of spinning blades might finally solve both of those problems. Read More >>

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Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

There are diminishing returns if add more blades to a wind turbine, and if there were less blades, the turbine would have to spin faster. Apparently that's not a very good thing. So that’s why we settled on the three bladed wind turbine system. Read More >>

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Moving the World’s Largest Wind Turbine Blade is a Logistical Nightmare

This is the world's largest wind turbine blade en route to the largest offshore wind turbine in the world, in Methil, Scotland. At an incredible 83.5 metres long by 4.2 metres wide, the blade had to be transported all the way from Denmark, where it was manufactured—a logistical nightmare. Read More >>

The Tallest Wind Turbine Ever Will Float Above Alaska

304 metres off the ground, the wind blows brisk and uninterrupted. But how do you build such a tall, thin beam to support a turbine's blades? You don't—you float the generator in a giant helium balloon. The world's first floating commercial wind turbine will soon be hovering over Fairbanks, Alaska. Read More >>

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This View Down the World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Will Give You Vertigo

You're peering down the main supporting tower of Siemens' latest offshore wind turbine—which just happens to be the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world. Read More >>

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Tiny Rooftop Turbine Could Make Urban Wind Farms A Reality

There's a reason that wind farms are placed offshore rather than in urban areas—the turbines are typically huge, difficult to erect, and need a solid sustained gust to produce any meaningful amount of current. This prototype, on the other hand, will assemble easily and take up little space as it quietly produces kilowatts atop skyscrapers. Read More >>

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Scottish Wind Turbine Bursts Into Flames In 80MPH Winds

You might have noticed, it's quite windy up in Scotland right now. It's so windy in fact that a wind turbine in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire in Scotland, burst into flames as the Atlantic storm battered the North of the UK. Read More >>