What Is Microsoft’s Grand Plan for Phones?

It has been nearly two years since Microsoft introduced a new Windows phone. Sure, HP is still making Windows phones and marketing them to businesses, but Microsoft has been basically silent on the subject of its flagging mobile platform since 2015. There have been zero flagship devices, despite the persistent rumours of a super Surface phone. Logic dictates that Microsoft needs to get in the game here. People are increasingly moving away from their laptops and onto their smartphones, and if Microsoft wants to keep up with Apple and Google, it will need a convincing phone platform. Read More >>

Why the Hell Doesn’t the Surface Laptop Have a USB-C Charger?

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop yesterday, and our first impressions of the device were great. It’s super thin, looks like a Macbook, and somehow manages to cost less. But there was one glaring weakness we couldn’t get over: It uses a proprietary charging cable rather than USB-C, the new standard that many other modern laptops employ. Read More >>

Surface Laptop Is Microsoft’s Shot at a Portable Computer For Everyone

Meet Microsoft Surface Laptop, a portable computer made for basically everyone and meant to take on high-design competitors like the Apple MacBook. The new Surface Laptop is lightweight, ships with the newly announced Windows 10 S (but can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro), and includes many familiar details featured on other Microsoft hardware products. Read More >>

I Just Strapped a Windows Computer to My Face for the First Time

The future of Windows computers could soon be worn on your face. Yesterday, at a special media event in New York City, we got our hands on the first Windows 10 “mixed reality headset” from Acer. The device is only a developer kit for now, but it’s expected to be commercially available by the holiday season this year. Read More >>

Microsoft Warns Users Not to Install Its Latest Windows Update, For Now

With its Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft promised that users would have the option to postpone future updates for a limited period of time and many rejoiced. But now that the update has started rolling out, it’s become apparent that there are still some stability issues and performing a manual installation isn’t recommended right now. Read More >>

Today’s Windows Update Finally Lets You Put Off Future Updates

It doesn’t matter if you’re pumped for Creators Update, the new version of Windows 10 that makes drawing all over you screen easier. Whether you like it or not, your Windows 10 device will be getting it, starting today with a slow rollout (and starting April 25th on phones). If you’re a part of Microsoft’s Insiders Programme—a beta-like programe that gives you builds of Windows 10 early—then you’ll already be on Creators Update. For the rest of us it will come, like a little surprise, over the coming months. Read More >>

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Windows Creators Update Is Full of Neat Tricks You’ll Never Use

It’s official, come April 11th, Windows 10 Creators Update will begin to slowly roll out to every Windows 10 machine on the planet—whether you want it on said machine or not. Microsoft is clearly fond of the ample changes it made when launching Windows 10 back in 2015, because two years after its initial release. the operating system is on its third major update and Microsoft seems to have nothing truly spectacular to add. Read More >>

How Windows 10’s Game Mode Makes Your Games Run Faster

In a feature live in a beta Windows 10 build, Microsoft has unveiled "Game Mode" - a feature designed to optimise your computer's CPU and GPU usage for video games. Read More >>

How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows XP

Times were simpler in 2001. Amazon had just turned its first profit, Google was still just doing search, and Windows had a new bright green Start button you could spot from the other side of a room. If you want to coat your modern Windows OS with some vintage XP design cues, here’s how to do it. Read More >>

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Microsoft Might Finally Kill Automatic Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft could finally be solving one of Windows 10's biggest irritations: automatic updates. Winaero’s Sergey Tkachenko noticed a new feature that would allow users to delay an update for up to 35 days in a recent leaked build of the Windows 10 Creator Update. Read More >>

We’re Entering a New Era of Portable Windows PCs

At long last Microsoft will make it possible to run Windows 10 on cheap low-powered PCs (like rinky-dink tablets) as well as on smartphones. For years, Microsoft has struggled to bring the full Windows experience to ultra-portable devices that run low-power chips that can’t handle the beefy OS. Previous attempts were paltry at best. That’s about to change—and it might be just the kick in the pants Windows portables need to get going. Read More >>

4K Netflix Now an Option on Windows 10

Netflix is now bringing its own brand of ULTRA HD 4K resolution material to users on Windows 10, but there's a catch. You need to be using a very modern processor and, er, Microsoft Edge. Probably best to stick with what you've got a move a bit further away from the screen. Read More >>

Surface Studio Hands On: Touched for the Very First Time

The first thing you notice about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio is the screen. The 28-inch 3:2 display is gigantic and beautiful. It’s so bright, vivid and engaging that I feel like I could dive in and go swimming in it. Read More >>

Only the Coolest Stuff from Microsoft’s October Live Event

Microsoft just wrapped up its October event, and as we expected, it wasn’t wall-to-wall hardware announcements like last year. Nothing from Lumia land. Radio silence on the Band front. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft just held a major event for Windows 10 in New York City today, where the company made a bunch of major hardware and software announcements. The event itself was jam-packed with exciting new technology and feature updates, but perhaps the most exciting was the sneak peak into the next major update for Windows 10 dubbed “Creators Update.” Read More >>