Microsoft Set to Bombard Users With Full-Screen Notices That Windows 7 Is Dying

Windows 7 users, prepare yourselves for the aggressive, full-screen notifications informing users their operating system is out of date. It’s happening soon. Read More >>

Windows 10 Finally Beats Out Eight-Year-Old Operating System

It hasn’t been the smoothest road, but after its launch in the summer of 2015, Windows 10 has finally surpassed the 8-year old Windows 7 as Microsoft’s most popular operating system. Read More >>

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What’s New in Windows 10 Update Threshold 2?

The first major Windows 10 update, ‘Threshold 2’, has landed, bringing with it a bunch of tweaks, performance improvements and new features. It’s free to download right now, and here’s what you’ll get with it. Read More >>

You’ll Only be Able to Buy a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC For One More Year

Microsoft has announced that from October 31st 2016, PC manufacturers won’t be able to sell new computers running Windows 7 or 8.1 operating systems. Instead, they’ll have to come pre-installed with Windows 10. Read More >>

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The Windows 7 Upgrade to Windows 10 Isn’t So Scary After All

Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 is not quite as seamless as the move from Windows 8.1, but it’s close. You get to keep your applications and settings, and the process is simple and leaves you almost no chance to accidentally delete all your apps and data. Read More >>

Free Support For Windows 7 Ends Today

Still rocking a Windows 7 PC? Then make sure you bolster its defences -- today marks the end of free support for the operating system from Microsoft. Should you have any issues with the Redmond company's OS from today, you'll have to pay to get help from its expert teams. Read More >>

Windows 7 Moves to OS Hospice on October 31st

Microsoft is "sunsetting" or "retiring" or "killing" Windows 7 in part from the end of next month, with the software giant planning to stop supplying new licenses for the OS to hardware makers from the end of October. Read More >>

HP Would Very Much Rather You Buy a Windows 7 PC

HP is bringing back Windows 7 "by popular demand"—it's not clear from whom—and making it pretty difficult to buy a computer with Windows 8. Who needs the future when you've got the very recent past? Read More >>

A US Army Base Is Running a Bunch of Illegal Windows 7 Copies

Given the United States' intolerance for copyright infringement and the piraters that propagate it, you'd think they would be a little more keen on making sure that his men were playing by the book themselves. As it turns out, a whole mess of computers running unlicensed, illegal copies of Windows 7 belong to none other than the US Army itself. Read More >>

Leap Motion Controller Hands-On: The Future Is Magic (Now With Apps!)

Greasy fingers are the bane of touchscreens, obscuring the display behind snail trails of oil and streaks of grime. Forget that mess. Leap Motion has promised hands-free PC navigation for months now, and after some hands-on time we can confirm that the future is here, and it's amazing. Read More >>

My Windows 7 Launch Party Disaster, or How I Emailed Steve Ballmer Porn

Back in the summer of ’69 (well, 2009), Windows 7 was launched, amid much fanfare. Microsoft, desperate to get things right in the wake of that god-awful Vista, got desperate with its marketing: it bribed people to have Windows 7 launch parties. Yes, parties. With Windows. This is the story of a survivor. Read More >>

How to Make Windows 8 Look and Feel Like Windows 7

If you have a PC with Windows 8 but miss Windows 7, there's no need to downgrade. Following a few simple steps, you can make Microsoft's current operating system look and feel almost identical to its predecessor. Here's how to bring back the Start menu and the attractive aero glass theme how to hide other Windows 8 elements like the Charms menu. Read More >>

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Is Finally Available for Download

Windows 7 users are finally getting Internet Explorer 10. They'll be auto-upgraded in a few weeks, but you can go ahead and download the updated browser starting today. Read More >>

Microsoft: Kill All Your Gadgets. Now.

Windows Gadgets users beware, having that little weather indicator or stock ticker on your desktop could allow hackers to hijack your machine. Microsoft's issued a temporary fix that pretty much kills the information-toting widgets. Read More >>

Windows 8 Boots Over Twice as Fast as Windows 7

Last September at its BUILD event, Microsoft claimed their new operating system would boot faster than its predecessors. Windows 8 is not even finished yet, but it's already proving that statement true, as it's posting quicker boot times than the relatively decent Windows 7. Read More >>