With Facebook Ready to Go, Windows 8 Finally Gets Some App Respect

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL Fantasy Football would all soon have official apps. That may not be an earth-shaking revelation, but it's a sign that some big names are ready to step up and give Windows 8 the old Metro try. Read More >>

Win £40,000 of Prizes, Just By Developing a Windows 8 App

Let’s face it: Many of us would like to learn how to develop apps, but what’s been missing has been a real incentive to get you off the sofa, and onto your laptop. That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft, and have £40,000 of prizes to win – all you need to do is create (or convert an existing app) for the Windows 8 platform. Read More >>

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Windows 8 Store Will Offer Free Seven Day Trials for Paid Apps

Microsoft has released the details on how they plan to run the apps released through the new App Store coming with Windows 8. We have known about the store for a long time, but this is the first time we've heard about the inner workings of the apps, like the cut Microsoft plans to take. Read More >>

The Best Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 is currently in its consumer preview, and aside from being g-g-gorgeous, it's also going to be home to a lot of beautiful new Metro-optimised apps through the Windows Store. Which are the best? Which do you need to download first? Here are the most essential Windows 8 apps on day one. Read More >>