Intel Bay Trail: Laptop-Tablet Hybrids Might Actually Keep Up Now

Just a couple of months ago, Intel's new 4th generation processors helped laptops get a whole lot better. Now Intel's trying to work the same magic on mobile. Meet Bay Trail, a new flavour of chips designed specifically to make Windows 8 and Android tablets more awesome. Read More >>

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Asus Vivo Tab HD Review: A Windows 8 Tablet Is Here, but What Do We Do With It?

When Microsoft first announced its plans to make Windows 8 an operating system that would work on tablets and traditional PCs alike, many considered the plan ambitious. Now that the OS is here, the Vivo Touch HD is the first third party, ARM-based tablet to take the software for a spin. And while it's a fully functional product that works, it's still not ready to sway the naysayers. Read More >>