Finally, All of Microsoft’s Mobile Failures Have Been Redeemed With This Windows 95 Phone

By today’s standards it was ugly, it was slow, and it was primitive, but Windows 95 was the first operating system I mastered inside and out, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Microsoft’s most memorable PC OS. That can be the only explanation for why part of me would also love suffering through a mobile version of Windows 95 on a smartphone. Read More >>

Step Back in IT Time With Windows 95 in a Browser

A programming student has created a fun toy for people who want their computers of today to be like their computers of yesterday, somehow encouraging a full version of Windows 95 to work through a browser tab. Read More >>

Tell Us Your Memories of Windows 95, the Most Charming OS Microsoft Ever Made

Windows 95 is celebrating its 20th birthday. Microsoft's once-ubiquitous operating system launched in 1995 with an expensive (and wildly successful) marketing campaign. It looks laughably outdated now, but at the time, Windows 95 was a hit, selling seven million copies in the first five weeks of being available. Read More >>

Celebrate 20 Years of Windows 95 With This Browser-Based Version

Windows 10? Pfff. These whippersnappers don't even know they're born. In my day we'd be firing up Windows 95, dancing to the crackle of the dial-up connection, trawling the (limited) delights of OG Wikipedia Encarta and marvelling at the sight of this new thing called a Start Menu. Read More >>

And Here’s Windows 95 on a Smartwatch for Some Reason

An intrepid 16-year-old web developer hacked his Android Wear to run Windows 95. Ah, to be young and very good at undertaking whimsical hacking projects. Read More >>

Celebrate the Return of the Start Menu With a Windows 95 Backpack

Microsoft fans around the world cheered when the company revealed the return of the Start Menu to Windows 10 yesterday, so why not mark the special occasion with a stylish backpack that celebrates the operating system where it all started: Windows 95. Read More >>

A Visual History of the Windows Start Menu

Microsoft debuted Windows 10 today and it has a solid Start Menu. Good job, Windows! But before snazzy Live Tiles, a departure and a return, the Start Menu went through many reinventions. Some went better than others. Read More >>

These Are the Windows 95 Tips We All Really Wanted

The tips in Windows 95 were close to useless. Everyone turned them off. If they'd been like this, though, we'd have lapped them up like sweet golden nectar. Read More >>

Windows 95
Brian Eno Composed the Windows 95 Start-Up Chime On a Mac

Well there's a revelation for you. That iconic, ingrained in your Windows-using memory, start-up sound, was firstly produced by Brian Eno, and secondly on a Mac. Seems Brian's not a fan of Windows PCs. Read More >>

Microsoft and Novell Still Fighting War Over Windows 95

An antitrust case over Windows 95 has just hit the US courts, with judges about to resolve the confusing mystery of Windows 95 and the missing WordPerfect software. Read More >>