Nokia Leak Suggests There’s a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

We've been expecting Windows Phone 7 to halt dead at 7.8, leaving users with older handsets in the lurch. But now a leak from Nokia suggests there's life in the old OS yet. Read More >>

Windows Phone 7 Gets Screwed on In-App Purchases Too

Oh dear Windows Phone 7, looks like Microsoft really doesn't love you anymore. If you were on the fence about buying a new Windows Phone right now, this should tell you what you need to know. Microsoft's new in-app purchasing system will only be available on Windows Phone 8. Read More >>

Microsoft Is the Most Exciting Company in Tech, Hands Down

I never thought I'd ever hear myself utter such words post-1995. But after Monday's reveal of the Surface tablet—complete with an ultra-thin, pressure-sensitive keyboard cover and the most discrete integrated kickstand ever—and yesterday's Windows Phone 8 announcement—which is based on the same underpinnings as the Windows RT part of Windows 8—I'm a believer that Microsoft is the most innovative consumer tech company right now. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: This Might Save Windows Phone

The Lumia 800 was one of the most beautiful phones ever built in the long history of phone-building. It is widely acknowledged as the best Windows phone around. The next version, the Lumia 900, is bigger, faster, and—maybe most surprisingly—cheaper. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 610 Is Windows Phone 7 On the Cheap

Thought the Lumia 710 was aimed at the shallower-pocketed amongst us? The Lumia 610 goes even further in bringing the price down, with Nokia itself saying it's for the "younger audience." Calling it "confident," with "generous curves," I was scratching my head waiting for Nokia to introduce Christina Hendricks to the stage instead. Alas... Read More >>

Leak Shows Windows Phone 7 Tango Looks a Lot Like Mango

Purported screenshots of the soon to be announced Windows Phone 7.6 Tango have emerged on a Russian forum. There are a handful of new features, but what's really interesting is how little seems to have changed. Read More >>

Extra-Large Nokia Lumia 910 Shows Up on Dutch E-Site

The 710 may've been a cheap-as-chips WP7 budgetphone, but if rumours regarding the Nokia Lumia 910 are correct, Europe could be seeing a 12.1-megapixel phone swinging its way. Encouragingly, it doesn't look like it's carved from a plastic shoe-heel. Read More >>

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Microsoft Wants Your Next WP7 Software Update to Be a Surprise

Getting a firmware upgrade notification on your phone is like getting an early birthday present—you're extra excited because it's wholly unexpected. Now, Microsoft is ensuring that every new WP7 update gives you that "early present feeling" by borking their popular Where's My Phone Update feature. But why? Read More >>

What Are The Windows "Superphones" Coming Late 2012?

A leaked Windows Phone roadmap shows what we've got to look forward to in 2012. In the short term a batch of cheapy phones for the masses, but by the end of next year we could be looking at "superphones". Read More >>

Face Swap App Is Stupidly Fun and Amazingly Useless

I like apps that serve absolutely no purpose other than amuse myself. Like this free Face Swap app created by Microsoft Research. It's only available for Windows Phone 7 (gasp). Read More >>

Got a Nokia Lumia 800? Check For Updates

Nokia's in the process of rolling out an update to its current flagship Windows Phone 7 device, the Lumia 800. It's a minor one, no massive changes, although it should help out on the battery-sucking front a little, as the update provides power efficiency improvements. Read More >>

About that One Time We Turned a Rapping Windows Phone 7 Fangirl Into a Hated Internet Personality…

The Rapping Windows Phone 7 Fangirls were just a pack of ad women in search of some attention? Not surprising, I suppose. Though hearing the main, um, emcee's side of the story as the focal point of commenter rage is interesting, to say the least. Read More >>

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Microsoft Signs Up Alex James to Help Shift Windows Phone Handsets

Blur's bassist Alex James has turned desperate -- after shilling his cheese to all and sundry in every possible newspaper and magazine (and throwing a festival that's now been dubbed "Worstival"), he's now pimping Windows Phone with Microsoft, lending his name to a new social-rewards campaign called Into. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 Running With Artificially Limited Battery Capacity?

Something a bit fishy is going on over at the official Nokia forums. A post addressing complaints about the Lumia 800's battery life by a Nokia staffer was mysteriously altered after letting slip that it's currently only using 1300mAh of its 1450mAh battery. Read More >>

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White Girls Rapping about Windows Phone 7 Is Worse than Your Parents Having Sex

This morning I watched a video compilation of botflies—parasitic, skin-burrowing larvae—being pulled out of bleeding human flesh. Compared to this "Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Video," the botfly footage is like butter and sugar. This internet deserves destruction. Now. Read More >>