Microsoft’s Binning Last-Gen Windows Store App Exams This Summer

Microsoft has announced quite the cull of its existing developer exam scheme, kicking out loads of older Windows 8 App Store certificates so they can be replaced by their new Windows 10 App Store equivalents. Read More >>

Windows 8.1 Will Land on October 17th

Microsoft's Windows 8 fix-up, Windows 8.1, will hit the Windows Store as a free upgrade starting on the 18th 17th of October at 12:00-noon, Start button and all. Will the point update solve all Windows 8's issues? Probably not, but it's a decent start. [Microsoft] Read More >>

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Microsoft’s Windows Store Will Sell Games Rated “Mature”

The Windows Store is a topic of a lot of debate in gaming, but one issue that's been a particular sticking point is its lack of some incredibly popular games because of a ratings policy mixup. Now that's been fixed. Read More >>

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No, No, No, It’s “Windows Store” Apps Not Metro, OK?

Microsoft's reeling from what's probably the worst branding disasters in recent memory. It's still trying run a mile from "Metro" and is currently trying to get you to use the super-clunky "Windows Store" apps instead. Mind you, it's also musing over "Modern" as a replacement for Metro, which is both horrendous, and not confusing in the slightest. [The Register] Read More >>

These Might Be the First Games Offered in the Windows Store

The Windows Store will be Microsoft's answer to the Mac App Store. The Verge got an unnamed Microsoft source to squeal about some of the games that will debut in the marketplace. Yes, of course Angry Birds is in there. Read More >>

Is This the Real Windows 8 App Store?

We were duped last time around, but these alleged shots of the new store's download manager look more legit — and far less heinous. Read More >>

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Microsoft Shows It’s Cool — Has an App Store Too

Windows 8 is coming and it's going to make all your wildest dreams come true. OK, that might not be wholly accurate, but at least Microsoft is hoping it'll shake things up in the world of Windows. One of the new additions will be a Windows Store, which was shown off at a preview event yesterday. It'll be the place to grab Metro-style apps, games and content. Read More >>