Microsoft Says Critical Vulnerability in Windows is Already Being Used in ‘Limited Targeted Attacks’

Microsoft said on Monday that it has discovered a flaw in Windows 10 and other versions of the operating system that has already resulted in “limited targeted attacks.” There is as of yet no patch for the vulnerability, though Microsoft ranks it as a “critical” flaw. Read More >>

Microsoft Teased a Revamped UI for Windows 10 and It Looks Awesome

Microsoft has been dropping hints that it’s working on a revamped Start menu for Windows 10. But now, to celebrate Windows 10 hitting 1 billion users, Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay dropped a super slick teaser for Windows 10's next UI refresh. Read More >>

Microsoft Just Made It a Lot Easier to Port Cool PC Games to Xbox

Today, Microsoft announced a new DirectX standard that it claims will not only sync the graphics improvement process in games across both PC and console, but will also be backwards compatible with older PC hardware. If it works as explained it’s going to be a lot easier to port games from PC to Xbox and vice versa. Read More >>

Create Multiple Virtual Desktops to Separate Your Work and Personal Life

Multitasking and information overload go hand in hand, particularly when you have dozens of windows, tabs, and apps open at once on a desktop. Getting actual work done can be tricky. But Windows, macOS and Chrome OS actually have built-in tools to clear up some of this congestion, and you probably don’t even know they exist. Read More >>

Windows 10 Updates Are Munted Again

Here we go again, folks. If you haven't installed the latest Windows 10 update, you should probably steer clear. Read More >>

How to Get Your Android Phone Working Seamlessly with Windows

One of the benefits of going all-in on Apple hardware is that everything works so seamlessly (most of the time): Photos from your iPhone appear on your Mac, you can switch between the desktop and mobile when working on documents, video calls can be made from anywhere, and so on. A similar sort of integration can be had between Windows and Android – it just takes a little extra time to set up. Read More >>

Malware Threats on Macs Outpace Windows For First Time Ever

It’s generally accepted that Macs are safer and less malware-prone than Windows PCs. Well, not anymore. A new report says that for the first time ever, Mac-specific threats outpaced PCs by a rate of 2:1 in 2019. Read More >>

How to Video Capture Everything That Happens on Your Computer Screen

Being able to record your computer screen can be useful for all kinds of reasons – from streaming your gaming exploits to the world, to showing your parents how to turn on their antivirus software – and there are numerous ways of going about it. These are the top software and hardware options to consider. Read More >>

Microsoft Backflips On Windows 7 Patches

The very last Windows 7 update of all time has just been updated by Microsoft itself. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Update Windows Right Now

The National Security Agency disclosed a major vulnerability in the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 to Microsoft, which released a fix for the issue on Tuesday, the MIT Technology Review reported. Read More >>

Windows 7 is Finally Dead

The time has come. After 10 years of service, Windows 7 has finally been put to rest by Microsoft. From January 14 2020, Windows 7 users will no longer receive technical support, security and software updates. It's time to move on. Read More >>

CES 2020: A Windows Switch Clone and Dual Screen Laptops Are Dell’s Next Big Concepts

CES is generally for one of two things: companies showing off consumer gadgets that will go on sale later in the year, or far out devices that will attempt to shape how things gets made in the future. And with its Concept UFO, Concept Ori, and Concept Duet, it looks like Dell has some big ideas for the latter. Read More >>

Microsoft Set to Bombard Users With Full-Screen Notices That Windows 7 Is Dying

Windows 7 users, prepare yourselves for the aggressive, full-screen notifications informing users their operating system is out of date. It’s happening soon. Read More >>

These Are the Free Windows and macOS Apps You Should Be Using

When you buy yourself a Windows or macOS machine, you’re not just buying the operating system on top of your hardware, you’re buying a suite of free apps as well. These pre-installed, built-in tools can often get overlooked or forgotten about, so we’re here to remind you how useful some of them really are. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Goes Full Batman

From the moment I opened up the Surface Pro X, I got the sense that Microsoft had entered a new chapter for its homegrown hardware. Gone are the huge bezels and hard edges found on the company’s previous detachables, and in their place you something that’s sleek and sophisticated, unlike anything Microsoft has made before. And when you combine its stealth black-on-black colour scheme with nifty tricks like its hidden stylus storage, I was hit with a realisation: the Surface Pro X is Batman. Read More >>