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Put the Synthale Down: Chateau Picard Wine is Real, and Here

Well, actually, Chateau Picard has already been real for quite a while. But ahead of Star Trek: Picard, you’ll now be able to enjoy an episode or six alongside a bottle of Jean-Luc’s finest. Read More >>

Booze Runs to France are Still a Thing With the Glass-o’-Wine Set

People in the parts of the UK that are near enough to France to get the car over and back in a day are still doing exactly that, as booze runs that take advantage of cheap French wine warehouses are very much still happening – even as those very same people in those very same Vauxhall Merivas try to stop anything foreign entering the country via their lovely old Brexit. Read More >>

Booze Shop Stockpiles Wine in Case of Brexit Import Crisis

Posh off licence chain Majestic Wine is preparing for the infinite branching possible future Brexit scenarios in the only way it knows how – by stockpiling wine. Stick to what you know and it'll all turn out fine. Read More >>

Bottoms Up! 8,000 Gallons of Bubbly Bursts From Foamy Wine Tank

An Italian winery, L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano in Conegliano, Veneto, lost approximately 8,000 gallons of bubbly on 25 September, due to an overserved silo. Read More >>

It’ll Be Pints of Champagne for Everyone on Brexit Day

One English winemaker is already planning for the Brexit celebrations and/or sorrows-drownings, by bottling up its rough approximation of champagne in pint bottles. Because Winston Churchill said so. Read More >>

The 6 Best Gifts I’ve Ever Got My Mum

My mum’s hard to shop for before Christmas. A lot of parents are, I’m sure. But with mum, you get no clues beyond the classic, “Oh I have plenty of stuff.” When pressed, she might offer, “I liked that candle you got me for my birthday that one time.” Any other suggestions are met with the simple, “You know spending Christmas with you is all I ever really want.” Same to you, Mum, but I’d also like to get you a nice gift! Read More >>

Londoners Live in Constant Terror of… Prosecco Shortage

The fizzy white wine that's all everyone ever seems to talk about nowadays has become so entrenched in the dinnertime rituals of the nation that people are spending serious amounts of time worrying about it running out. Read More >>

A Cork’s THWOP Sound Tricks the Brain into Thinking Wine is Nicer

The satisfying sound a cork makes when being popped out of a bottle to oohs and aahs of onlookers has a psychological effect on the drinkers too, with scientists finding that the same wine was described as tasting nicer when drunk out of a corked bottle compared to a screw top. Read More >>

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Will Have You Fat and Lazy Before Christmas Even Starts

Forget the Lego one this year, as adults who like the idea of having a small glass of wine for breakfast have an amazing new advent calendar option -- one that comes with a glass of wine every day. Read More >>

We Can Be Easily Tricked Into Liking Bad Wine

There are two time-honoured truths about wine: all of it is good—even at its worst—and, when it comes to appreciating wine, nobody knows what the fuck they’re talking about. The latter truth reveals itself time and again, especially in studies about wine consumption. On that point, a team of scientists at the University of Adelaide proved just how easily we can be fooled into thinking wine is better than it actually is. Read More >>

How to Drink Wine the Right Way, According to Science

Wine is spoiled grape juice. It’s old squished grapes mixed with yeast that get you drunk. But lots of people have a lot of things to say about wine, and maybe you’ve wondered what it is that gets them so jazzed over rotten grapes. Well, a lot of their enjoyment comes from biology, chemistry and psychology, as well as the kinds of molecules that travel from the glass into your body. Read More >>

Global Warming Might Make the UK Better at Producing Wine

The UK's wine makers might be about to enjoy a few decades of global dominance, thanks to research that suggests climate change and the warmer, wetter weather we can expect to see, could turn parts of the UK into mini-Frances perfect for growing the classic old types of grapes. Read More >>

Guzzle Buddy Turns Wine Bottles Into Wine Glasses So You Can Sip Without Shame

Until humanity learns to accept everyone’s quirks, drinking straight from a wine bottle will continue to be frowned upon. That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop doing it, but at least the Guzzle Buddy makes it slightly more socially acceptable. Read More >>

Magical Device Produces a Constant Supply of Wine

Daniel Attinger, a professor of mechanical at engineering at Iowa State University, is working on developing a tiny device that produces a continuous supply of wine. Bless you, Daniel Attinger. Read More >>