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Windows Phone 8 Update Supports 5 and 6-Inch Displays

Microsoft is rolling out a third update for Windows Phone 8—the most distinctive feature of which is support for 5- and 6-inch displays at 1080p resolution. Brace yourselves for monstrous Windows phones. [Microsoft] Read More >>

Google Maps Is Back on Windows Phone

After Google Maps disappeared from Windows Phone, Google announced it was working hard to solve the problem. Now Maps is back, so WinPho users can find their way with Google once more. Read More >>

Nokia Leak Suggests There’s a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

We've been expecting Windows Phone 7 to halt dead at 7.8, leaving users with older handsets in the lurch. But now a leak from Nokia suggests there's life in the old OS yet. Read More >>

windows phone
Windows Phone Store Bug Sees Microsoft Block New Apps

Microsoft is experiencing major problems with its Windows Phone Store as it updates from the backend system which used to power Windows Phone Marketplace. The result: major problems downloading software, and a block on new apps. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Nokia to Announce Windows Phone 8 Handsets Early September

Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia will announce its new range of Windows Phone 8-powered devices at the start of September—with the intention of shipping them in time for the holidays. Read More >>

Would You Use This Curved Keyboard?

WMPowerUser is reporting that Microsoft's research team is working on this curved software keyboard, leaked from an internal presentation. It even speculates that it might be made available in Windows Phone 8. Read More >>

Skype For Windows Phone Is Now Official

It was a long time coming, but back in February Skype made it onto Windows Phone... in beta. Now, testing is over, and you can get your hands on the full, official version from the WinPho Marketplace. Read More >>

European Networks: Lumia Can’t Compete With iPhone and Android

We like Nokia's Lumia range. We even like Windows Phone, even if we do wish it would get its shit together. Unlike Europe, which seems to think that Nokia's latest Windows-based offerings kinda suck. Read More >>