This Is Why You Don’t Donate Sperm on Craigslist

If you've ever considered selling some or your swimmers on Craigslist for a little extra scratch, you might want to give it a little more thought. William Marotta, who did just that, wound up having to pay child support for his biological child, despite having signed away all rights to the little guys and any humans that might get made from them. Read More >>

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Felix Baumgartner’s Got Nothing on This Free-Falling Kitty

We'll never know whether this Siamese cat was attempting to set free fall records for its species or engaging in a dramatic feline suicide attempt when it jumped from the top of this Colombian communications tower. But we do know that firefighters were on hand to catch it in a net before it hit the ground. Well done, brave kitty. You're a credit to your species in a way that Maru can only dream of. Read More >>

Archaeologists Think Hidden Imperial Tomb May Be Too Deadly to Explore

After discovering a secret palace hidden in China's first emperor's massive burial complex, Chinese technicians are nervous. Not because Qin Shi Huang's tomb is the most important archeological discovery since Tutankhamun, but because they believe his burial place is full of deadly traps that will kill any trespassers. Not to talk about deadly quantities of mercury. Read More >>

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This Awesome Optical Illusion Will Twist Your Brain Into Knots

Kokichi Sugihara loves to screw up human perception. He is the master of 3D optical illusions, designing solid three-dimensional models that do impossible things. This house is his latest creation, presented a few days ago at the European Conference on Visual Perception in Sardinia, Italy. Read More >>

Wild Dolphins Giving Gifts to Humans Is a Real Thing That Happens

According to a new scientific paper, dolphins at the Tangalooma Island Resort in Australia have been observed giving gifts to humans 23 separate times since 1998. Yep. This is adorable. Read More >>

Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall, 15 People Injured

Remember that fake image of a flooded shopping mall with sharks swimming everywhere? Well, this one is not a fake. It happened for real in China, where a 33-tonne shark tank shattered into a thousand pieces in a shopping centre in Shanghai. There are several injured people, but nobody' dead. Read More >>

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The 90s X-Men Intro in Stop Motion: Pure Nerd Bliss

Whatever you're doing, just stop. The best cartoon of the early 90s — the X-Men, obviously — has gotten a stop-motion treatment that belongs in some sort of kitschy, bizarro-universe Louvre. This. Is. Awesome. Read More >>

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Christmas Cookies Are the Best Use of 3D Printing Yet

Forget guns, records, even hideous iPhone cases; Ralf Holleis has found the best use of 3D printers and like any technology, it involves food. Namely delicious Christmas cookies. Read More >>

Can Anyone Really Survive the Booby Traps in Home Alone?

There are few movies that get me in the holiday spirt as much as Home Alone does. I'm not kidding! As a kid, I always imagined myself being as clever as Macaulay Culkin, rigging my house with booby traps, holding down the fort at home. But do those booby traps actually do anything? The Week took a look at the injuries the robbers sustained throughout the movie and asked a medical expert to see what kind of damage the traps would've had. Read More >>

Hey Look the World Hasn’t Ended Yet

Testing, testing. Anyone there? If you can see these words, you'd have survived the great 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. Congratulations! You're all still alive! It's now well into December 21st 2012 and everything seems to be still ticking. Read More >>

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Are These the First Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details?

This would count as a pretty big leak if it turns out to be true. Buried deep in a Reuters report about Star Wars and Guatemala is a possible leaked plot detail involving the location, and Episode VII. Possible spoilers ahead. Read More >>

Charles Dickens Turned His Dead Cat’s Paw Into a Letter Opener

When Charles Dickens' cat, Bob, died in 1862, the writer was devastated. So naturally, he stuffed one of Bob's paws and made it into a letter opener. Read More >>

How Much Would It Cost to Gift Wrap an Entire House?

If you were financially fortunate enough to be able to gift someone an actual house this year for Christmas, you'll want to do more than just hang a big bow on the front door. Unwrapping a mysterious present is half the fun of getting a gift, and with this handy calculator you'll be able to figure out just how many rolls of gift wrap you'd need for such a daunting task. Read More >>

How To Photoshop Yourself Holding… Yourself

Over on PetaPixel photographer David Talley has put together a fantastic—and fairly simple—tutorial on how to create an awesome image of you holding yourself. If you're new to Photoshop it's a great way to improve your skills. And if you're not, with the addition of a Santa hat this is the perfect way to awesome-up your Christmas card this year. Read More >>

If You Want Me To Sing In Public You’ll Have To Do Better Than a Free Coke

Coca-Cola has long been associated with the holidays: from polar bears with questionable diets, to the myth that the company created our modern image of the man in red. But this year the company's Christmas marketing efforts completely miss the mark. Instead of turning caffeine addicts into spies for a free bottle of sugar water, Coke vending machines in Europe are giving out free soda in exchange for karaoked Christmas carols. Read More >>